Rental based on sales of fuel

QUESTION: I’m interested in taking over a petrol station. However, the landlord does not want to take a fixed rental fee monthly. He wants to take a rental fee based on the amount of litres sold for the month. Is this agreement Jaaiz? ANSWER: For the validity of a...

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Leasing a property to a tavern

QUESTION: A Muslim owner is renting out his shop to a tenant who intends opening up a tavern. Is it permissible for the owner to receive rental money from this tenant? ANSWER: It is not permissible to lease out one’s property to a tavern. The monies derived from such...

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Income derived from sports facilities

Question:- Is the income derived from charging to use sports facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools and Astro-turf soccer, halaal? Answer:- In the queried scenario, the sports ground is not let out to individuals to engage in impermissible or Haraam activities...

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Leasing a premises to a non-Muslim butchery

QUESTION:- A person owns a property and has a tenant who is a non-Muslim butcher. What is the status of such an income? ANSWER:- It is not permissible to lease one’s premises to a non-Muslim butcher whose income is primarily derived from the sale of Haraam meat. Yes,...

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Hiring out a hearse to transport non-Muslim deceased

Question:- Can a Muslim hire out hearses for use by non-Muslims? Answer:- It is permissible to hire out hearses to non-Muslims to transport their deceased to their place of burial. However, if a Muslim hires out the hearse to move a non-Muslim corpse from one town to...

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Transporting passengers to church

Question:- Is it permissible for a Muslim that has a permanent job and earns well, to transport passengers to church as a second source of income? Answer:- It is not permissible to transport followers of the Christian faith to the church for prayers irrespective of...

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Hiring out crockery to both Muslims and non-Muslims

Question:- A Muslim company hires out dishes such as Deghs, platters etc. to Muslims and non-Muslims. Is it permissible to take a fee for the service? Answer:- Dishes made of steel, copper, lead etc. which are not permeable, may be hired out to both Muslims and...

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