Leasing a property for a Non-Halaal entity

QUESTION: I have been approached by someone who wants to lease my property with the intention of opening a non-Halaal takeaway or fast food restaurant. If it is permissible, are there any aspects that would render it impermissible? For example, if part of the items on...

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Tenant removing fixtures and fittings

Question:- If a tenant is renting a premises from me and mounts fixtures and fittings on the premises then according to the  law of the land, he has to leave the fixtures and fittings when vacating the premises according to my understanding. What is the Shariah ruling...

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Leasing out one’s premises to a bank

Question:- What is the ruling in regards to the following: A building is being bought where the bank is a tenant. The bank will stay on as a tenant for 12 more months after the purchase. Is the rent that’s paid for the first 12 months Halaal, and can the income be...

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Renting out land to someone who farms pigs

QUESTION: Is it possible for me to rent out my land to a farmer who is intending to do pig farming? ANSWER: No, it will not be permissible to rent out a land to a farmer who intends farming pigs. (قَوْلُهُ: وَجَازَ حَمْلُ خَمْرِ ذِمِّيٍّ بِأَجْرٍ) أَيْ فَيَطِيبُ لَهُ...

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Rental based on sales of fuel

QUESTION: I’m interested in taking over a petrol station. However, the landlord does not want to take a fixed rental fee monthly. He wants to take a rental fee based on the amount of litres sold for the month. Is this agreement Jaaiz? ANSWER: For the validity of a...

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Leasing a property to a tavern

QUESTION: A Muslim owner is renting out his shop to a tenant who intends opening up a tavern. Is it permissible for the owner to receive rental money from this tenant? ANSWER: It is not permissible to lease out one’s property to a tavern. The monies derived from such...

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Income derived from sports facilities

Question:- Is the income derived from charging to use sports facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools and Astro-turf soccer, halaal? Answer:- In the queried scenario, the sports ground is not let out to individuals to engage in impermissible or Haraam activities...

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