Avenues of spending Waqf funds

Question:- In our Masjid trust named "XYZ Mosque and Madrasah Trust", there are Waqf properties. Can the income from the waqf properties be used for the following: 1. Musjid maintenance 2. Madrasah maintenance 3. Imaam and Muazzin salaries 4. Ustaad salaries in the...

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Disposing of Masjid items

Question:- A few questions from a Masjid committee: 1- Carpets that have been removed/replaced at the masjid We have Musallees interested in purchasing them so we plan to edge the sides, charge the Musallee for that and request they give a donation to the Masjid 1.1 -...

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Reserving a parking bay exclusively for the Imaam

Question:- Is it permissible to have a parking bay reserved exclusively for the Imaam at the Masjid, considering that the Land is Waqf property? Answer:- Land donated to the Masjid is generally made Waqf for the use of the Muslim Ummah. This simply means that every...

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Deriving benefit from the Masjid borehole

Question:- A person living next to the Masjid wants to make Waqf of a borehole to the Masjid, with the condition that the pipeline supplies water to his home (for his personal use) as well. Is it correct for him to attach such a condition, since the borehole will be...

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