Describing another woman to one’s husband

QUESTION: Is the following Hadith authentic: "A woman should not describe another woman to her husband as though he is looking at her." ANSWER: In the commentary of Bukhari Sharif, Ibn Battal quotes the following narration of Rasulullah Salallahu Alahi Wasallam: لا...

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“Hirz of Abu Dujaanah”

QUESTION: Is there any authenticity to the "Hirz of Abu Dujaanah"? ANSWER: The Hirz of Abu Dujaanah is unauthentic and unreliable. Commentators of Hadith have mentioned it to be fabricated. There are narrators that have been omitted in the chain of narrators and most...

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Specific Salaah in the month of Rajab

Question:- Is there a narration that states that Surah Ikhlaas should be recited 100 times in Salaah during the month of Rajab? Answer:- There are narrations which discuss the above subject matter, and there are other narrations  regarding Salaatur-Ragaa’ib, which...

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Hirz-e-Abu Dujana

Question:- I would like to know about the Hirz-e-Abu Dujana. Is it permissible to write and use as a Taweez in the home? Also does the use of Taweez weaken a person's Imaan? Answer:- 1. The ‘Hirz of Abu Dujana’ should not be used. The narration is fabricated and the...

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Arsh of Allah trembles when a Faasiq is praised

Question:- Is the following Hadith classified as weak or authentic? Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam is reported to have said: “When a Faasiq (open sinner) is honoured, then Allah Ta'ala becomes angry and His throne shakes." Answer:- According to Ibn Hajar...

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