Position of Female in Congregational Salaah

QUESTION: If a man is leading his wife in Salaah, where should she stand? ANSWER: The wife should stand behind the husband. ولو اجتمع الرجال و الصبيان والاناث والصبيات و المراهقات يقوم الرجل اقصي مايلي الأمام ثم الصبيان ثم الاناث (الفتاوي الهندية ج١ص٨٨-٨٩) ALLAH...

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Masnoon Qiraat in Salaah

QUESTION: I would like to know what are the Sunnah Surahs to be recited in our 5 daily Salaah? ANSWER: Surah Hujuraat until Surah Burooj should be recited in the Fajr and Zuhr Salaah. Surah Burooj until Surah Bayyinah should be recited in the Asr and Esha Salaah....

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Breaking Fardh Salaah to Open a Gate

QUESTION: I was reading my Fardh Salaah at home because I couldn't make it to the Masjid for some reason. After I started the Salaah I had to break it because I had to open the house gate for some visitors that were waiting to exit. I had just started the Salaah, so...

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Salaah App

QUESTION: Since moving to the US and finding myself at times in places where I did not know the Masjid or the community; I had to figure out for myself the prayer times, and discovered that there are, 1) differences between Hanafi & other Matha’ib; and 2), a...

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Having a Braai on Masjid Premises

QUESTION: Is it in accordance with the Adab and respect of the Masjid for a Masjid committee to use the premises as a venue for a community 'Bring and Braai' event?  The event entails people bringing meat to the Masjid property and 'braaing' it thereon and thereafter,...

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Adhaan of a Na-Baaligh Child

QUESTION: I would like to know if a young boy aged 11-12 years old who is not Baaligh, may call out the Adhaan? Would the Adhaan be valid if the boy called it out after nobody else went forward to call out the Adhaan? ANSWER: If a child of understanding age calls out...

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Najaasah in Root of Hair

QUESTION: If a ladies hair falls from its root while she is reading Salaah, will her hair be regarded as impure and will she have to repeat her Salaah? ANSWER: In order for the stickiness (attached to the root of the hair) to be considered as Najis, it is necessary...

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