Qadhaa for missing out Sajdah-e-Sahw

QUESTION: I accidentally recited a Dua before Tashahud. A few days have passed and I didn’t make the Sajda-e-Sahw in my Salaah at that time, nor did I make Qadha of that Salaah. Do I repeat the Salaah as Qadha now? ANSWER: The recitation of another Dua in place of...

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Reading Qadha Salaah after Asr Salaah

QUESTION: Is it permissible to read Qadha Salah after Asr? If one happened to read his Qadha Salaah after Asr, will he have to repeat it? ANSWER: It is permissible to perform one’s Qadha Salaah after Asr Salaah, hence there is no need to repeat the Qadha Salaah if...

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Lost and found

QUESTION: I am a caretaker of a Masjid. Mussallees leave behind/forget the following items: Watches Rings Jackets/Jerseys Shoes/Sandles Topis Socks We place a notice on the Masjid board, but these items are not claimed for many months. What should we do with these...

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Trustees removing a clock from the Masjid

QUESTION: A few years ago, a Musallee donated a clock to the Masjid and hung it up with his Marhoom father's name and date of death inscribed on the clock. Would it be permissible for the Masjid Committee to remove the clock from the Masjid ,as they feel the Masjid is...

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Reciting a Dua instead of Tashahhud

QUESTION: In my Dhuhr 2 Rakaats Sunnah, after coming up from my second Sajdah, I accidentally started reading “ Allahumagh Firlee, Warhamni”, and then I remembered it’s my second Sajdah, so I stopped mid-sentence and started Tashahhud. Is my Salaah valid? ANSWER: It...

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