Reciting with Tajweed in Salaah

QUESTION: What are some examples of Tajweed mistakes that can invalidate Salaah from the common/short Surahs that are read in Salaah? ANSWER: The Kitaabs of Fiqh state that committing a mistake or error which distorts the meaning of the Aayah completely, will nullify...

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Teaching students to recite with Tajweed

QUESTION:- I teach Quraan with Tajweed to two Sudanese students. We have come across some differences in the rules, for example, where we make a compulsory waqf, they would continue reciting, as well as the pronunciation of letters like "Ghain". Should I emphasize on...

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Reciting Qiraat according to the rules of Maqaamaat

Question:- 1. I have noticed certain Qiraat programmes being advertised as Maqaamaat. Can Muftisahib please explain what Maqaamaat is? 2. When a Qari recites in public, then people shout "Subhanallah" or certain words in Arabic. Is this acceptable? What are the...

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Imaam not pulling the Madd in Salaah

Question:- 1. Why do some Imaams not pull the small Madd when they read Quraan? I understand that there are other ways of Qiraat, but as far as I know, they also read according to Imaam Hafs? So, does this mean that you don't need to pull those Madds? I have heard...

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