Talaaq (Divorce)


QUESTION: A couple were married for 25 years and during this period, three Talaaqs were issued. They are divorced for two years but they really want to get back together. Is this possible in any way? I have heard that if another man gets married to her without any...

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Status of a civil or court divorce

QUESTION: 1. If a husband issues a summons for a decree of divorce, would that constitute a Talaaq? 2. If a husband sent a WhatsApp message with a Talaaq, but then states he did not mean it and returns home, would that constitute an effective Talaaq? ANSWER: 1. Yes,...

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Writing Talaaq and later deleting the message

QUESTION: If a person types "Talaaq" on WhatsApp to his wife, but he deletes it without sending it, will this be regarded as a Talaaq? ANSWER: If he wrote the word ‘Talaaq’ on his wife’s Whatsapp with the intention of divorcing her, then the moment he writes the word...

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Talaaq using the words, ‘Go from here!’

Question:- My husband and I were involved in a heated argument, and I asked him for a divorce. He kept ignoring me but I kept asking for it, to which he said "Go from here!". He said that he didn't intend divorce but wanted me to leave the room so that he doesn't have...

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Wife demanding a divorce

Question:- My wife has moved out of the house after getting sick at work and has blamed me for poisoning her, saying that I tried to kill her and she wants a divorce. She has applied for a court divorce. Please advise as to what I should do because I have no intention...

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