Talaaq (Divorce)

Talaaq with the words “You are free.”

QUESTION: There had been so many conflicts in our marriage from the beginning. It settles down and then returns. This time he messaged me saying, don't call me or message me, but I did, so he said, " Tum Meri Taraf Se Azaad Ho" i.e: "You're free from my side". Does...

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Talaaq using the words, “Get out!”

QUESTION: A lady was told by her husband, "Get out and take your things with you! And don't come back!" Which type of a Talaaq does this fall under? ANSWER: The Fuqaha (jurists) have stated that using words such as “Get out”, are classified as ambiguous words of...

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Details of Nafaqah during Iddah

QUESTION: A lady has recently been divorced. She has no children. How much maintenance does her ex-husband have to pay. She has moved back in with her parents. Does he have to pay an amount which includes rent, water, electricity, food and clothing? So far, he has...

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Question:- Is it permissible to make Tafweed of Talaaq to an institute such as a Darul ifta? If you state that you are giving the Ameer of the Darul Ifta the choice of issuing Talaaq, but if he passes away then the institute will give a suitable person the choice of...

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Iddah of a lady carrying a child of Zinah

QUESTION: A woman exercised Khula from her husband and three months have passed without her experiencing Haidh. are gone she did not bleed. It seems she may be pregnant but both parties claim the child is not from her ex-husband. What will be the ruling regarding her...

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