Qadha And Kaffarah

Qadhaa Salaah

QUESTION: If someone did not read Salah for four years, what should they do and how do they repent? ANSWER: One should sincerely repent for missing Salaah on its appointed time. Together with Taubah, one will be required to perform all the missed Salaah. ALLAH TA’ALA...

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Qadhaa of Witr Salaah

QUESTION: I found out that Witr salaah is compulsory. I thought it was Nafl/Sunnah. I accepted Islam from 2016 and I have missed approximately 2844 Witr Salaah since then. Should I make Qadhaa of all, or will Taubah suffice? ANSWER: It is compulsory to make Qadhaa of...

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Time allotted for Qadha Salaah

QUESTION: How much time should a person allot to performing Qadha Salaah in a day? If a person has to perform quite a bit of Qadha Salaah and dedicates 20-30mins daily for this objective, and recites Quraan for 1 hour everyday, then will he be sinful for giving less...

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Mistake in one’s Niyyah

QUESTION: Please advise: I’ve heard that on making Qadha Salaah, we have to specify which Salaah we are making Qadha of in our intention. So, I say, for example, "Oh Allah, I’m reading 4 rakaats Fardh Qadha of 1 January 2024." I accidentally said 2023 in my intention...

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Reading Qadha Salaah after Asr Salaah

QUESTION: Is it permissible to read Qadha Salah after Asr? If one happened to read his Qadha Salaah after Asr, will he have to repeat it? ANSWER: It is permissible to perform one’s Qadha Salaah after Asr Salaah, hence there is no need to repeat the Qadha Salaah if...

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