Qadha And Kaffarah

Reading Qadha Salaah after Asr Salaah

QUESTION: Is it permissible to read Qadha Salah after Asr? If one happened to read his Qadha Salaah after Asr, will he have to repeat it? ANSWER: It is permissible to perform one’s Qadha Salaah after Asr Salaah, hence there is no need to repeat the Qadha Salaah if...

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Sitting and performing Qadhaa Salaah

Question:- I would like to enquire with regard to sitting and performing Qadha Salaah, as there are years of missed Salaah piled on me. I suffer with chronic feet pain, hence my reason for asking. I dislike taking pain killers but do so out of absolute necessity. If I...

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Shortest method of Qadhaa Salaah

Question:- After becoming Bay'ah to a Sheikh of Tasawwuf, the importance of making up for one's missed Salaah has been impressed upon me. If one has many years of Qadha Salaah to make up for, what is the shortest method of doing so, which is acceptable. - Must Thanaa...

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Qadhaa Salaah in the hospital bed

Question:- Whilst in hospital, I missed my Fajr Salaah. At the time, I was unable to perform Salaah whilst standing or sitting. The only way I could have performed the Salaah was whilst lying down in bed. I later made the Qadha in the hospital bed whilst lying down....

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How to perform missed Salaah

Question:- I have missed a number of Salaah in my life. I have now come to the realisation that I will have to make up for the missed Salaah. What is the correct method of doing so? Answer:- You should try and estimate the number of Salaah missed since puberty and...

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