Ladies Jalsa in the Sahn of the Masjid

QUESTION: I would like to find out if it is advisable to have a "ladies-only" Jalsah for pre-schoolers in the Masjid? ANSWER: The Masaajid have been erected for the Aamaal of the hereafter, such as performance of Salaah, Zikrullah, Tilaawat, I’tikaaf, acquiring...

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Using lizard oil

QUESTION: I wanted to enquire if it is permissible to use lizard oil to rub on the body for pain relief? ANSWER: Oils that contain particles of the lizard or lizard skin, etc. cannot be used internally whereby it enters the throat or stomach. However, the external use...

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Running over a cow

QUESTION: A person was driving and a cow walked on to the road. The driver knocked the cow and the cow died. Would the driver be responsible to pay the owner any money? ANSWER: If the driver was driving within the speed limit and the cow suddenly ran onto the road in...

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Voting in South Africa

QUESTION: The National Elections are coming up many people are debating who we should vote for. People also often bring up the Palestinian and Israeli conflict and which Political party is in favour of Israel. Recently there was a parliamentary vote between Political...

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Naming a child “Muhammad”

QUESTION: Are there any Ahaadeeth or commentary about the benefits of naming a child "Muhammad"? ANSWER: The name "Muhammad" is indeed a blessed name, as it is the name of our beloved leader and Master Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasalaam, who is most beloved to us....

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Females reciting over a loudspeaker

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a female to read her final Sabaq at her Jalsa on a speaker, allowing all the men in the masjid to hear her voice? ANSWER: The voice of a female should not reach a male without necessity. Yes, if there is a need and she is left with no...

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Spelling and meaning of various names

QUESTION: Please provide me with the meaning and correct spelling of the following names: 1) Haniyah/Haneeyah 2) Sahla 3) Luhayyah 4) Khansa ANSWER: 1. Haniyyah (A gifted or happy person) 2. Sahlah (An easy going person). 3. Luhayyah (A patient one) 4. Khansa...

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