“Jumuah Mubarak” messages

QUESTION: Is it permissible to say "Jumuah Mubarak" or is it a Bid'ah? How should one respond to such messages? ANSWER: The greeting of ‘Jumuah Mubarak’ is not proven from the Quraan Majid or the Ahadith of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Since there is no proof...

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Ibn Abdul Izz

QUESTION: 1. Is Allamah Ibn Abul Izz a valuable authority in the Hanafi Madhab? Is he a Hanafi? 1. He is titled as a Hanafi, but it seems that he is more Salafi inclined. It is perhaps for this reason that Salafis take their Aqeedah from his commentary on Tahawi.  2....

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Family with followers of different Madhaaib

QUESTION: My husband is Shafi and I am Hanafi. Which Madhab should my children follow? How will the consumption of shellfish affect my family?  ANSWER: If your children attended a Hanafi Madrasah and grew up following the Hanafi school of thought, then they will be...

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The Aqeedah of Imaam Abu Hanifa Rahimahullah

QUESTION: A claim has been stated that the scholars of the Hanafi Madhab have wrongly interpreted the Aqeedah of Imam Abu Hanifah and that Maturidi'ism and Ashari'ism are Bid'ah. The correct interpretation and Minhaj of Hanafi theology is as espoused by Sheikh Ibn...

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Beliefs of the Sunnis and Shias

QUESTION: 1. There is a lady who is inclined to the Sunni sect in our Taleem. What would be the best way to guide her towards the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa'ah? 2. Please elaborate on the status of the Imaan of the Sunnis and their beliefs? 3. Are all Shias considered to...

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Athari Aqeedah

QUESTION:- Could Mufti Sahib please provideٍ more information on the Athari Aqeedah? ANSWER:- We don’t have much information about the Athari Aqeedah. However, we understand that these people act upon the apparent meaning of the Quraan and Hadith. They stem from the...

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How to choose a Madhab

QUESTION:- 1) What is the view of our Ulama regarding the Ahle Hadeeth? 2) If someone wants to choose an Imaam of a Madhab, how would they go about doing this? 3) How does a person, who has learnt according to Ghair Muqallid Fiqh, choose an Imaam for Taqleed? ANSWER:-...

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