Sajda Sahw / Tilaawat

Qadhaa for missing out Sajdah-e-Sahw

QUESTION: I accidentally recited a Dua before Tashahud. A few days have passed and I didn’t make the Sajda-e-Sahw in my Salaah at that time, nor did I make Qadha of that Salaah. Do I repeat the Salaah as Qadha now? ANSWER: The recitation of another Dua in place of...

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Hearing a verse of Sajdah while walking

QUESTION: A family member walks past while Tilaawat of a Sajdah Ayah was read aloud. Does the person passing by need to be informed by the reciter to make a Sajdah, as they were not listening to the Tilaawat and is unaware that the Ayah was read? ANSWER: By listening...

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Method of Sajdah Tilaawat

QUESTION: If after making Salaam after Salaah, while still in the sitting position, one makes Niyyah of Sajdah Tilaawat , says, "Allahu Akbar" and then goes into Sajdah; will this be valid or is it necessary to stand up and go into Sajdah from a standing position?...

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Reciting responses to the verses in Salaah

Question:- In the Quraan Sharif, there are certain places that have a star at the end of the Aayah, and something written in Arabic in the margin; for example the words الله رب العالمين are written at the end of Surah Mulk. If a person unintentionally, or...

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