Hair Entering Into The Anus

QUESTION: If a person has quite a lot of pubic hair in the back passage area near the anus, and feels that the hair that is connected to body might be going inside the anus, will that break Wudhu? ANSWER: The hair around the anus should be removed and not left to grow...

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Wudhu Incomplete Due to Wax on Feet

QUESTION: If after making Wudhu and Salaah, one finds a piece of wax stuck on the soles of the feet, must the enitre Wudhu be repeated, as well as the Salaah? ANSWER:  He should remove the wax, wash the area that was not washed in Wudhu and repeat the Salaah. قلت...

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Wudhu Breaking Due to Leaning on Back-Rest

QUESTION: If a person sitting on a chair is leaning against the back-rest and falls asleep, will this break his Wudhu? Similarly, what will the status of a person's Wudhu be, if he fell asleep in a vehicle with his back leaning against the back-rest of the seat?...

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Using Unscented Sunblock in Ihraam

QUESTION: Regarding sunblock, what is the difference between "waterproof" and "water-resistant"?  How do these products affect the validity of Wudhu? ANSWER: A person may use unscented cream or sunblock whilst in the state of Ihraam as the prohibition in Ihraam is...

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Validity of Wudhu While Sleeping on a Chair

QUESTION: Will falling asleep while seated on a chair break one's Wudhu? ANSWER: If a person falls asleep while sitting on a chair, then his Wudhu will remain intact as his posterior remains on the chair. Yes, if the posterior is raised from the chair, then his Wudhu...

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Inhaling water through the nostrils during Wudhu

QUESTION: Regarding Wudhu and the cleaning of the nostrils, it is mentioned that we have to inhale water till it reaches the fleshy part of our nose. Is it sufficient if it is cleansed with one's wet thumb and baby finger thrice? Regarding a Waajib/ Fardh Ghusl: it is...

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Emission of Wadi nullifies Wudhu

QUESTION: After urinating, washing, making Istibra etc. I notice that a sticky, clear substance comes out, and sometimes a whitish, murky, sticky substance comes out. What is my condition? Do I need to make Ghusl or Wudhu? What could be the cause of this? ANSWER: The...

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Tayammum of a person whose hand is amputated

QUESTION: 1. How does a person who is wheelchair-bound and has the right hand amputated (from the elbow) perform Tayammum? 2. Which finger can one raise when sitting in Sajda and reciting Tashahhud? ANSWER: 1. The Fuqaha have written that if a person’s hands are...

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