Using fresh water for Masah

QUESTION: Is it necessary to take fresh water for Masah? ANSWER: The Fuqaha state that it will be necessary to take fresh water for every Masah and it will not be permissible to make Masah on the leather socks with the left-over water from Masah of the Head [Re:...

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Khilaal of the beard, fingers and toes

QUESTION: When does one make Khilaal of the beard, fingers and toes? ANSWER: The Fuqaha have mentioned that one should make Khilaal of the fingers after washing one’s hands up to the forearms during Wudhu. و تخليل الأصابع اليدين بالتشبيك... وفي البحر ويقوم مقامه: أي...

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Validity of Wudhu over a tattoo

QUESTION: If a Muslim intentionally gets a tattoo, will their Wudhu be valid? ANSWER: Tattooing is impermissible in Islam, whether it be of animate, or inanimate objects. Nabi Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam cursed the person who tattoos, and the one upon whom it is done....

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Wudhu for one who has had eye surgery

QUESTION: A person underwent eye surgery and the doctor instructed her not to wash her face for 20-25 days. Please advise as to how she should make Wudhu to pray Salaah. ANSWER: She may make Masah (that is passing wet hands over the face) if washing the face will...

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Cerebrospinal Fluid leaking from nose

Question:- If the fluid around the brain, known as cerebrospinal fluid, leaks from the nose after an injury or an operation, will it invalidate one's Wudhu? Answer:- The jurists have stated that if any fluid emerges from the nose, ears, breasts etc. not due to pain,...

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Fundamentals of Islam

QUESTION:- What is the difference, if any, between that which is the Fardh فَرْض , and Waajib واجِب? Have I correctly spelled, in Arabic, the terms فَرْض (Fardh) and  واجِب (Waajib)? What are the Faraaidh of Salaah? What is the remedy, if any, for any missed Faraaidh?...

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Using new water for Masah

Question:- I have seen in one of your Fataawa that the Sunnat method of making Masah is to wet your hands entirely before making Masah. Is wetting the hands before making Masah of the head a Sunnat, or making Masah of the head without taking new water, is Sunnat?...

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