Vows & Oaths

Not being able to fulfil one’s vow

Question:- When I was not well I had made promised to fast every Monday and Thursday if I would recover. I have recovered now, but it is extremely hot in December and January, hence I haven't been able to fast. What is the ruling? Answer:- The Fuqaha have written that...

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Fulfilling a vow by one’s self

QUESTION: If someone takes an oath that if a wish of their's is fulfilled then they will perform Umrah, but thereafter, they are unable to perform Umrah, will it be allowed to send someone else on behalf of them to fulfill the oath? ANSWER: The person who took the vow...

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Retracting from a vow

Question:- If a person took a vow that if he does or doesn't do a certain action then he will pay a monetary amount. Can a person cancel such a vow? Answer:- One cannot retract from a vow that has been taken. ولا يحتمل الفسخ بعد وقوعه (المبسوط للسرخسي ص42 ج24) ALLAH...

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Taking a Qasm to go out in Jamaat

QUESTION: It was a conversation between three people. Person A told Person B that after they complete the Aalim course, they will go to Tanzania in Jamaat (Person B is from Tanzania). Person C then took a Qasm that he will join them. Person C was then advised not to...

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Kaffarah for breaking an oath

QUESTION: What is the Kaffarah of breaking an oath? ANSWER: The Kaffarah of a wealthy person (one who owns the Nisaab of Zakaat) is to feed ten poor people (who are eligible to receive Zakaat), an average meal that one would feed his family, or clothe ten poor people,...

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Vows and oaths

QUESTION: 1. Please explain the difference between a vow and an oath? 2. Can a person make a vow that if a certain thing is fulfilled, he will perform Umrah? 3. If a person makes a vow, can he retract it before it is fulfilled? 4. Would an oath or vow be valid if a...

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Taking a vow to go out in Jamaat

Question:- A person takes a vow if a certain need of his will be fulfilled, then he will go for 40 days in Jamaat. Is such a vow binding? Answer:- It is only permissible to take a vow of something that falls in the category of Ibaadat-e-Maqsoodah such as Salaah,...

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Taking an oath to not eat lunch

Question:- I took a Qasm not to eat lunch today. Will my oath be fulfilled if I eat after Maghrib Salaah and again after Esha Salaah? Answer:- In our context lunch is generally eaten around midday, whilst supper is eaten after sunset. Therefore, if you eat after...

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