Transaction And Trade

Returning a used item

QUESTION: Please advise on the following: I purchased a watch from a company. I wore it twice and then decided I did not like it and I want to return it. The company lists the following reasons for returns: “unwanted item”; “no longer like the product”; “wrong...

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Repairing TV’s

QUESTION: Is it permissible to repair TV's if you work as an electrician? ANSWER: The income derived from selling and repairing televisions is Makrooh-e-Tahreemi because the television is primarily used in acts of vice and evil. [Re:- Ahsanul Fataawa Pg.543 Vol.6]   ...

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Returning lost items

In principle, a lost item is of two types: A. Such a lost item that the owner normally wouldn’t return to look for it, for example, the seed of a date, or pomegranate peels. If such an item is picked up by the finder, then due to it holding hardly any value, it will...

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Purchasing pirated content

QUESTION: Is it permissible to buy/download pirated content such as courses to learn business or beneficial skills for work? ANSWER: From a Shari’ee perspective there is no harm in purchasing pirated content since copyrights are not recognised in Shariah. Yes, if the...

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Airtime-related query

QUESTION: 1. Is it permissible to use the airtime advanced feature with an extra fee of the later payment option (for emergency & normal usage)? 2. Can one use, for example, "Voda bucks" that one's network offers as a reward for when loading airtime, to receive...

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Hiring a flea market or souk stall

QUESTION: Is it permissible to be a stallholder at fairs, flea markets, souks etc? What is the status of income earned from these places as a stall holder? ANSWER: There is no problem in hiring a stall at a flea market or souk and sell one’s Halaal products. However,...

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Incorrect goods supplied to purchaser

QUESTION: A buyer placed an order for 2000 bags of medium-sized onions. the buyer paid for his order but it appears that at the time of loading the delivery, the buyer did not check to see that his order was correct and relied on the Manager of the farm to do so. When...

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