Transaction And Trade

Miscellaneous Questions On Trade

QUESTION: I advertised a used item on a group (I did mention that it was used, etc). A person messaged me to purchase the item. I informed them that if the item is not collected within 2 days, I would put the item back up for sale. The person then informed me that...

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Returning a Defective Item

QUESTION: Zaid wanted to buy a phone from Bakr. Bakr gave Zaid the phone to test out. After keeping the phone for a day, Zaid said the phone was working perfectly and decided to buy it. After 3 days, a problem appeared on the screen (commonly caused due to falling)....

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Partially Refunding a Deposit

QUESTION: Zaid was selling a product for R150 on order. Bakr placed an order and paid a R50 deposit. When the product arrived, the value of the product had decreased but Bakr did not have the money for the product. Can Zaid sell the product at the new value of R130...

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Performance bonds

Question:- Are performance bonds permissible? Please check the following link: Answer:- Based on the information submitted, performance bonds fall in the category of gambling, hence...

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Phone screen cover

QUESTION: I wanted to enquire if Samsung Care+ is okay to subscribe to? They have a promotion with a new phone I had bought, which I pay a once-off amount of R499 and if within 12 months after paying, my screen breaks, then I won't be charged the full price of a new...

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Deceiving customers at till point

Question:- The shop has a computer system whereby the selling pricing is captured and set on the computer. Sometimes the salesperson manually increases the saved selling price by R10 - R20 more when scanning items to accommodate for losses due to theft. Is this...

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