Gifts donated to children of an orphanage

QUESTION: A family member runs an organization and collects Eid gifts for an orphanage. He takes these gifts and gifts them to children in the family as a gift from himself (whereas these gifts were gifted to the orphanage kids by others, and the family children are...

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‘My money is my money, and his money is my money’

Question:- What is the status of the following sentence: "My money is my money, and his money is my money"? Can one say that the husband is responsible for the wife, thus, she also has a share in his money and quote the above? Answer:- The quotation in question holds...

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Accepting gifts from a child

QUESTION: If a child is given money to buy sweets for himself, is he allowed to share it with his Ustaadh or any other adult? ANSWER: No, it will not be permissible for the Ustaad or any other adult to accept sweets from a Na-Baaligh child. This will be the ruling if...

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Gifting an item to a minor

QUESTION: My father has some valuable items in his room at my grandparents' house. As a child when I would visit him there, he would always tell me that he had given it to me and it belonged to me, but I never took it with me as I was a child. There is some jewellery...

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Receiving a cash gift from the bank

QUESTION: A bank that we have an account with recently held a promotion (link to which is posted below). We were unaware of such a promotion, but fulfilled the requirements to qualify for it, and hence received the specified cash offer. Will this money be permissible...

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Receiving a revenue from Twitter

QUESTION: Recently, Twitter starting paying people a percentage of the advertising revenue. To qualify for the advertising revenue, one must have 500 or more followers, and a minimum of 3 million impressions for 3 consecutive months. One has to also be "verified". To...

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Registering assets on daughter’s name

Question:- I paid for some shares and a property, and put it in my daughter's name. It was not given to her. Who is the owner? Answer:- Your query states that you purchased the property and the shares. These were not gifted to your daughter at any stage. You simply...

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