Jumuah / Eid

Holding a second Jamaat for Jumuah

QUESTION: A few students from school get together on a Friday at 4.00pm to perform Jumuah in the Masjid (making it a second Jumuah in the Masjid). If the first Asr time (Shafi'ee) is before 4.00pm, is it still fine for us to read the Jumuah after that time, before the...

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Four Sunnats after Jumuah

QUESTION: There is a special virtue for performing 12 Rakaat Sunnah Muakkadah daily. On Fridays, which 4 Rakaat of Zuhr is included among these 12? Is it the 4 before or the 4 after Zuhr? ANSWER: After studying the books of Hadith and Fiqh, we understand that the 4...

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Validity of Jumuah on the outskirts of a town

QUESTION: There is a Masjid 5 kilometres outside Laudium. It is in the industrial area (Sunderland Ridge) on a farm like property, which is directly an offshoot from the R55. It is also around 1,5km away from Eldoglen, which is now a well developed area. I would like...

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When to stop trading on the day of Jumuah

QUESTION: 1. At the time of which Adhaan should one stop trading on the day of Jumuah? 2. Are we permitted to verbally respond to the second Adhaan on the day of Jumuah? ANSWER: 1. On the day of Jumuah one should stop trading when the first Adhaan commences according...

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Missing the Khutbah of Jumuah

Question:- A person misses the Jumuah Khutbah but gets the Salaah. Is his Jumuah valid? Answer:- The day of Jumuah is indeed an auspicious and important day in the life of a Muslim. Every Muslim should make a concerted effort to ensure that he prepares himself well...

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Reciting Durood during the Jumuah Khutbah

Question:- We understand that we should remain silent during the Khutbah, but when the name of our Nabi Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam is mentioned do we recite durood? Are we allowed to repeat the Dua in the Khutbah, and what is the position on saying 'Ameen' during the...

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