Ladies only performing Salaah in Jamaat

Question:- According to the Hanafi Madhab, is a lady who is Haafidha allowed to make Imaamat of other ladies? If yes, are there Jamaats for Taraweeh led by ladies for ladies? Jazakallah Answer:- It is Makrooh for females only to perform Salaah in Jamaat in the Hanafi...

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Duas to be recited during Taraweeh

Question:- What is the status of Dua after every four Rakaats of Taraweeh? Answer:- A person may recite the Quraan Sharif, engage in Zikrullah, perform Nawafil Salaah, engage in Dua, recite Durood Sharif or engage in any other form of Ibaadat during the five intervals...

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Witr Salaah behind a Shafi’ee Imaam

Question:- In Qatar, we perform our Witr Salaah behind an Imaam that performs three Rakaats as performed by the Hanafis. He doesn't make Salaam after two Rakaats and then perform a single Rakaat. However, he recites the Qunoot after the Ruku posture of the third...

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Performing Taraweeh in sets of four or sets of two

Question:- Is it permissible to read Taraweeh Salaah in sets of 4 Rakaats at a time?  What will be the ruling if it is not permitted, but a person was reading in sets of four Rakaats? I read somewhere that it is permissible to read in sets of 4, but it is preferable...

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Leading the Taraweeh Salaah without performing Esha

Question:- If the Imaam happens to miss the Esha salaah with Jamaat, can he lead the Taraweeh prayer? There are some Ulama of the opinion that, if the Imaam misses the Fardh, he cannot lead the Taraweeh prayer. Kindly provide jurisprudential texts (references) to...

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