Iddah of an elderly woman

QUESTION: Does a 72 year-old woman need to sit in Iddah if her husband left her about 20-26 years ago. They had no contact with each other but were not divorced. She was informed of his death through a Mayyit notice. This was her second marriage and they had no...

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Divorce issued after a miscarriage

QUESTION: A woman experiences a miscarriage and immediately thereafter, she is divorced. When would her Iddah commence and terminate? ANSWER: In principle, if a lady had a miscarriage and was subsequently divorced, then either one of two scenarios will be applicable...

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Using scented products during Iddah

QUESTION:- During Iddah, is it permissible to use scented Vaseline? This is not for beauty or fragrance purposes, but rather, it is for dry skin. Also, what about using scented non-alcoholic roll-on? ANSWER:- There is no problem using Vaseline as treatment. However,...

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Calculating the Iddat of a Widow

Question:- I would like to find out how to work out the Iddat of a widow? Do you calculate using the Islamic lunar calender? Can you mention some rulings regarding Iddat? Answer:- The injunction of serving Iddah after the demise of one’s husband has been categorically...

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Maintenance during Iddah

Question:- I went for a balloon ablasion in the womb and due to this operation, I don't get my Haidh every month. I got my last cycle in November, and a year and a half before that. There is no certainty as to when I will get my next Haidh. Please could Mufti Saheb...

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Iddat for the wife of Murtad

Question:- If a man becomes Murtad,  does the wife have to serve Iddah? Answer:- In the queried scenario, if the husband became Murtad (Allah forbid!) after consummating the marriage correctly, meaning that Khalwat-e-Saheehah took place (both of them were in seclusion...

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Applying oil while in Iddat

Question:- Can a woman serving her Iddat, apply oil to her hair? Answer:- She shouldn't apply oil to her hair without necessity during Iddat. Yes, if she is experiencing headaches, then there is no harm in applying oil. Re:- Ahsanul Fataawa Pg.451 Vol.5 ALLAH TA'ALA...

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