Ifta Courses

Darul Ifta ibn Masood offers Ifta courses to students who have already graduated as Ulama at reputable institutes locally or abroad. The course extends over a period of two years. Students intending to study Ifta should achieve a pass of 75% in all kitaabs of Fiqh and Usool-e-Fiqh, as well as the final year of the Alim course.

Classes are held from Monday-Thursday between:



The syllabus comprises of the following: –

  1. Al-Ashbah Wa Nazaa’ir
  2. Sharhu Uqudi Rasmil Mufti
  3. Islamic Inheritance
  4. Answering 73 Questions prepared by the Darul Ifta.
  5. Attending to correspondence received from the public.

For further queries please contact:
Mufti Mohammed Desai

Call: 084 5842198
Email: iftapmb@gmail.com

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