Food And Drink

Baseless beliefs

QUESTION: "A person's children will be pious if you eat their left overs". is there any basis to this, or is it just an old wive's tale? ANSWER: We haven’t not come across such a narration in any Kitaab. ALLAH TA'ALA IN HIS INFINITE KNOWLEDGE KNOWS BEST! ANSWERED BY:...

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Rainbow chickens and other commercial poultry

QUESTION: Please advise regarding the Halal status of Rainbow chicken. Will the same apply to all other commercially slaughtered chicken? ANSWER: We do not approve of all commercially slaughtered chickens due to the uncertainty of its Halaal suitability. Firstly,...

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Harms of consuming Haraam

QUESTION: I know a person who strongly believes "only on the basis of Quraan and reliable Ahaadith from Bukhari and Muslim Sharif', that when a Brother feeds us Haraam meat, then that Brother is liable to Allah and we are absolved of wrongdoing and our Duaas will...

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Tartaric acid

QUESTION: Recently, SANHA has said that the tartaric acid contained in PS, Lunch Bar and Chomp comes from the barrels that wine is produced in, and they no longer certify those chocolates as Halaal. However, the other Halaal bodies say that it is permissible. What is...

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Halaal meat stored with Haraam meat

QUESTION: Would it be permissible to buy Halaal meat products from grocery stores where it is kept in the same freezer along with Haraam meat and other products? ANSWER: If a Muslim slaughtered an animal in accordance to Shariah, and thereafter handed it over over to...

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Status of a drunkard slaughtering an animal

QUESTION: What would be the ruling regarding a Muslim man who consumes wine, and yet slaughters animals in order to provide Halaal meat and poultry to Muslims? What will be the status of that meat or poultry? ANSWER: If he slaughters the animal as required in Shariah,...

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Consuming whale-meat

QUESTION: Is it permissible to consume whale-meat according to the Hanafi school of thought? ANSWER: The whale (Ambar fish) is referred to as ‘Hoot - fish’ in the Hadith Sharif. Hence, it is Halaal and pure for consumption. [Re:- Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakariyya Pg.261...

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Consuming Crabs

QUESTION: Is eating crab Makrooh-e-Tanzihi or Haraam? Is it permissible to eat it for medical purposes? ANSWER: It is not permissible to consume anything from the ocean besides fish, according to the Hanafi Mazhab. Hence, consuming crabs is Haraam since they are not...

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