QUESTION: After the Nikaah has been conducted, if the husband and wife sit alone for 7 minutes in the bridal room of the banquet hall, the door was closed but not locked, will it constitute as proper seclusion (Khalwat-e-Saheeha)? ANSWER: Yes, if the room door is...

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Status of perfoming Nikaah in a Masjid

QUESTION: What is the ruling and proof with regards to a Nikaah being performed in a Masjid? ANSWER: The narration is recorded in Tirmidhi Sharif which states, “Announce the Nikah and have it performed in the Masjid.” Hence, it is Mustahab to have the Nikah performed...

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Khula in one gathering

QUESTION:- Due to the advancement of technology, what will one Majlis be termed as, because it is a Shart (condition) in Mua'malaat (business transactions), for example, Buyoo, Nikah etc. In a scenario where the the husband proposes Khula in exchange of $100 in the...

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Marrying without the consent of one’s father

Question:- A girl was told that she has to get the permission of her father for the Nikah to be valid. Is this correct? The parents are divorced and the father has not fulfilled the rights of his daughter. Also, can the girl's maternal uncle represent her at the Nikah...

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Bridal receptions

Question:- A) Is it permissible to have/attend a meal which is held after the Nikah. Sometimes, it is refferred to as a "Nikah Reception" ? B) Is it permissible to attend/host a function where a sheet of cloth is used to divide the hall between the men and women?...

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Meals to be served on the occasion of Walimah

Question:- Is there any Sunnat meals that should be served on the occasion of Walimah? Answer:- When Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam celebrated the Walimah of Safiyya Radiallahu Anha, then dates, cheese and ghee was served. [Bukhari] قال أنس رضي الله عنه: أقام...

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Joint wedding and Walimah

Question:- I would like to know if it is permissible to attend a joint function where the wedding and Walimah is combined? I'm trying to avoid attending weddings, so I would like to know if it is permissible for me to attend such a gathering? Answer:- After...

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