Taweez to separate two individuals

QUESTION: Is it permissible to use Taweez to make someone leave a girl who is not good for them to marry? ANSWER: We do not find any permission for using a Taweez to prevent a person from marrying a girl. One should make Istikhaarah and decide whether he wants to...

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Witnesses being present at the time of Nikah

Question:- Are the witnesses required to be physically present at the time of Nikah? Answer:- The witnesses should be present in person at the time of marriage when the proposal and acceptance take place. وَلَا يَنْعَقِدُ نِكَاحُ الْمُسْلِمِينَ إلَّا بِحُضُورِ...

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When is one categorized as ‘impotent’

Question:- According to the Shariah, what is the necessary duration for a man to be able to have relations with his wife in order for him not to fall under the category of being impotent? Meaning, How long does a man have to be able to last in bed with his wife in...

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Spouses for unmarried people in Jannah

Question:- I've heard that indeed Allah has written a spouse for everyone, is this genuinely true? Is it mentioned in the Quraan or Hadith?  I haven't really read anywhere that we are promised a spouse in the world. I know there's a spouse promised in Jannah. So from...

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Stipulating spending for one’s wife

Question:- A husband gives his wife about R700 a month as expenditure. What is the ruling in Islam about additional spending? If she requires medicine or some extra expenses, things which she can do without, should she buy them with her own money or should she ask...

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Intimacy with two wives similtaneously

Question:- What is the ruling with regards to engaging in intimacy with two wives at the same time? Answer:- A person void of shame and Hayaa will stoop to this level. Any person with a sound temperament wouldn’t even think of such an act, which animals do not...

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Posing questions to a potential spouse before marriage

Question:- I have a question with regards to the talking stage of the marriage process. Can I ask the potential spouse the following: 1. Past relationships: Have you ever been in a relationship before? (Halaal or Haraam) 2. How do you interact with the opposite...

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