Awaiting Accreditation for Hajj

QUESTION: If a person has sufficient funds to perform his Fardh Hajj but he is unable to go due to not receiving accreditation, is he required to make Wasiyyat to have Hajj-e-Badl done? ANSWER: Since the person is financially and physically able to perform Hajj, it...

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Bathing and Brushing Teeth in Ihraam

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a person to bath and brush their teeth while is a state of Ihraam? ANSWER: 1. There is no problem taking Ghusl while in Ihraam. However, scented soap shouldn’t be used during Ghusl. 2. One should avoid using toothpaste while in Ihraam....

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Halq or Qasr After Umrah

QUESTION: What is the ruling on cutting or shaving the hair after performing Umrah? Is it permissible to just trim the hair? ANSWER: A person has two options in regard to cutting the hair in order to terminate his Ihram. One may shave the entire head which is referred...

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Using Unscented Sunblock in Ihraam

QUESTION: Regarding sunblock, what is the difference between "waterproof" and "water-resistant"?  How do these products affect the validity of Wudhu? ANSWER: A person may use unscented cream or sunblock whilst in the state of Ihraam as the prohibition in Ihraam is...

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Using Unscented Petroleum Jelly in Ihraam

QUESTION: People recommended using petroleum jelly around the inner thighs to avoid chafing when walking during Hajj. When I bring my nose very close to the product, I can smell a subtle chemical-type of scent. Will it be permissible to apply petroleum jelly to the...

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Miscellaneous Questions Pertaining to Ihraam

Q1. In Ihraam, can one use a tissue on the face to wipe perspiration or blow the nose? A1. There is no harm in cleaning the interior of the nose with a tissue whilst in Ihraam. However, it is Makrooh to wipe the face with a tissue or towel whilst in Ihraam. If one...

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40 Salaah in Masjidun Nabawi

QUESTION: I am going for Hajj this year. Many have advised to take advantage of the 40 Salaah Fazilat in Masjidun Nabawi ﷺ. Is there a proof attached to this virtue? ANSWER: By performing forty Salaah in Masjid-e-Nabawi, one is granted freedom from the fire of...

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