Umrah-related queries

1. Can a man in Ihraam hold his wife's hand (she is also in Ihraam) during Tawaaf due to large crowds? 1. There is no problem in holding the hand of one’s spouse during Tawaaf as it is not done out of to lust, but to keep one’s partner attached to him or her during...

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Wudhu during Tawaaf

QUESTION: Are we required to have Wudhu to perform the entire Tawaaf, or just the first four rounds? ANSWER: Wudhu is a requisite for the validity of Tawaaf. Hence, if one’s Wudhu breaks during Tawaaf, then one will have to renew his or her Wudhu and recommence with...

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Laws pertaining to Hajj and Umrah

1. What is the amount of hair that should be cut for a female when coming out of the state of Ihraam?  1. Hair equivalent to the fingertip should be trimmed or cut (for females) to come out of Ihraam. [Muallimul Hujjaj Pg. 116] 2. If a female uses the Ihram Purdah...

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Website offering to carry out Damm for Hujaaj

QUESTION: I have a question pertaining to Damm: There is a website called "Hajj Solutions" (https://hajjsolutions.com/) On this website, amongst other services, one is able to "order an animal" for the purposes of fulfilling one's Damm. After reading through the...

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Duas of a person returning from Umrah accepted for 40 days

QUESTION: I've heard many people saying that when a person returns from Umrah, their Duas are accepted for 40 days. Is this true? ANSWER: We were unable to locate the narration which states that a person’s Dua is accepted for forty days after returning from Umrah. The...

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Settling one’s debts before Umrah

QUESTION: A woman has the means to go for Umrah but her Mahram is in debt. Would it be permissible for him to accompany her due to his circumstances, or should he settle his debt instead? ANSWER: His priority should be to pay the debt. It is recorded in the Hadith...

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Safa and Marwa within the Haram

QUESTION: A woman in Haidh is unable to enter the Masjid or the Haramain Sharifain. Will she be able to perform Sa'ee or does it fall within the Haram boundary? ANSWER: The area between Safa and Marwa are not considered as part of the Haram, hence, a woman in the...

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