Family Matters

Assisting Aged Parents

QUESTION: I am a woman with some health issues and I have 2 young children. My parents have aged and are experiencing financial difficulties. Both my parents work hard and are unable to make ends meet. I have 3 brothers, 2 of whom are working and trying to help my...

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Maintaining Ties with Bid’atee Relatives

QUESTION: With regards to parents and family members who like to participate in Bid'ah, please advise as to how one should interact with them if they don't heed one's advice? ANSWER: If by maintaining a good relationship with a Bid’atee there is hope of him reforming,...

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Rights of an illegitimate child

Question:- A Muslim male conceived a child with a Muslim female. The couple never got married. The father's family accepted the child as part of their family, but the father has not been part of the child's life. The father has married another woman. Does the father...

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Egg donation and IVF

Question:- Is the egg donor Haram? Zinah did not occur specifically because the egg donor is not known. Recent researches shows that after the implantation of this embryo, the womb develops connection with the baby such that when the child is born, the baby is more...

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Responsibility of taking care of elderly parents

Question:- Please advise on what role, both financially and otherwise children play in taking care of their parents. All children are working and earning well. The parents are retired and living on their own. Answer:- 1. Your query states that all your siblings are...

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Slandering one of incest

QUESTION: If a person accuses someone in the family of incest with their spouse, are you allowed to tell the person who’s name was slandered , and should you do so? Even if there is no truth to the accusation, a person's name and dignity are being harmed. ANSWER: If...

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Providing for parents

QUESTION: I read a Fatwa that stated children are responsible for the maintenance of poor parents. All the children, male and female, are equally responsible. Each child's contribution will be in proportionate to their income. Kindly provide details on the following...

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