Family Matters

Providing for parents

QUESTION: I read a Fatwa that stated children are responsible for the maintenance of poor parents. All the children, male and female, are equally responsible. Each child's contribution will be in proportionate to their income. Kindly provide details on the following...

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Equality between wives

QUESTION: I have a question about Financial Allowance (Pocket Money) for multiple wives. I work and stay in the USA with my wife and children. I intend to get married to a wife in Indonesia. I provide Nafaqa (maintenance) - shelter, food, clothes, etc. to my wife in...

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Sister fostering her brother

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a sister to foster her brother in any circumstances, or only in dire circumstances? ANSWER: Fostering one’s brother could be interpreted in one of two ways: Nurturing and taking care of one’s brother Breastfeeding one’s brother. If the...

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Spending on one’s child due to need

QUESTION: If a mother spends more on one child due to that child's circumstances, does she need to let her other children know? Will she be doing an injustice to the rest of her children? ANSWER: In the queried scenario, the intention of your mother is not to deprive...

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Obligation for caring for one’s grandparents

QUESTION: Is it obligatory to look after one's grandparents? ANSWER: If one’s grandparents are alive, but not financially capable of taking care of themselves, then the responsibility of taking care of them falls on the grandchildren, with the proviso that the...

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Inheritance of an illegitimate child

QUESTION: 1. Do children born out of wedlock inherit from their mother or siblings? 2. If the illegitimate child's parents get married after he is conceived, who is his lineage attributed to, and does he inherit from his "parents"? ANSWER: 1. Yes, an illegitimate...

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Accommodating a non-Muslim family member

QUESTION:- What is the ruling on accommodating a non-Muslim family member in a Muslim home? My grandmother is Hindu and is aged. She has only two daughters who can take care of her, i.e. my mother and my aunt, who will share the responsibility equally. However, my...

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