Appearance And Attire

Zirconium metal

QUESTION: Are men allowed to wear the metal, "Zirconium"? ANSWER: Zirconium is made from Zircon sand. It is very lightweight. In fact, black Zirconium is only about ¼ the weight of pure steel, yet considerably stronger. Since men are only permitted to wear rings made...

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Males wearing red

QUESTION: Would it be permissible for a male to wear a shoe that has red stripes on it? ANSWER: It is not permissible for men to wear clothing that is completely red in colour. However, if the red is joined with other colours, then wearing such clothing will be...

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Clothing bearing the “Puma” logo

QUESTION: Is it permissible to wear a shirt with the "Puma" logo? Some say that it is permissible sue to the absence of "eyes". If not,  then can it be worn out of Salaah? ANSWER: The Puma logo printed on clothing is generally a large logo that is easily noticeable to...

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Dressing before a prospective spouse

QUESTION: If a prospective spouse is coming to see a girl, how should she dress? Should she wear an Abayah, or the clothes she generally wears at home, so he can see how we dress at home (while making sure it is loose, covers the satr, etc)? ANSWER: Shariah has...

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Manner of wearing a Topi or scarf

QUESTION: I've read the ruling and advice regarding eating with a Topi on. I assume the same rule applies to females wearing a scarf/ burkha etc. What I would like to know on the topic of wearing a Topi is what the correct manner of wearing the Topi is? It's become a...

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Wearing a Topi when eating

QUESTION: Someone recently mentioned that covering the head whilst eating is not Sunnah, but merely Adab. If that is the case, what is the ruling regarding covering the head? Did Sayidinna Rasulullah صلي الله عليه وسلم cover his Mubarak head whilst eating? If it is...

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Removing jewellery from the deceased

QUESTION: Is permanent jewellery permissible? To wear a bracelet which is not pure gold/silver on the wrist that lasts a lifetime, at the time of death, can those who make Ghusl for the Marhoomah, remove the permanent jewellery? Does the same ruling apply for...

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