Wasiyyat (Bequest)

Wasiyyat to pay for missed fasts

Question:- A Marhoom had missed a number of Salaah and fasts in his lifetime. The Fidya of these fasts and Salaah were not paid, nor was a Wasiyyat made by the deceased to pay from the estate. What should be done in such an instance? Answer:- The heirs may pay the...

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Validity of a written bequest

Question:- What is the validity of a hand-written bequest that is attached to one's Will? Answer:- A written Wasiyyah is valid in terms of Shariah, particularly if the heirs accept that it was written and signed by the deceased himself. However, the Wasiyyat will only...

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An Invalid bequest

Question:- A person gives his house to a relative in his lifetime to utilize. He then bequeaths the property to him saying, "If I die before you, then the house will belong to you, and if you pass away first, then the house will be returned to me." What is the status...

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Conditional Wasiyyah

Question:- A person made a Wasiyyah (before his demise) that an x amount of money must be allocated to his grandchildren's education, with the proviso that they are studying. If they had completed their studies, then what should be done with the funds? Answer:- The...

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