Qadha And Kaffarah

Making one intention for Qadha and Shawwal fasts

QUESTION: Can you combine Qadha and Shawwal fasts? ANSWER: No, you should only make intention of keeping Qadha fast. ومتى نوى شيئين مختلفين متساويين في الوكادة والفريضة، ولا رجحان لأحدهما على الآخر بطلا، ومتى ترجح أحدهما على الآخر ثبت الراجح كذا في محيط السرخسي. فإذا...

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Kaffarah for intercourse during Ramadaan

QUESTION: A few years back, I was in a Haraam relationship with a non-Muslim girl, We would have intercourse while I was fasting. This happened a few times which I am regretful for what occurred at the time and have changed my ways. May Allah forgive my actions. I...

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Breaking one’s fast after vomiting

Question:- A person after vomiting assumed that his fast was nullified and therefore began eating and drinking. Is Kaffarah necessary? Answer:- In the queried scenario, only Qadha is required. There is no Kaffarah. [Re:- Ahsanul Fataawa Pg.443 Vol.4] ALLAH TA'ALA...

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Salaah and Fast that have been missed

QUESTION: From the time I reached puberty until three years ago, I was not performing Salaah and did not keep any fasts. If I attended Jumuah Salaah, I was never in a state of Wudhu. I heard that if you miss three Jumuah Salaahs, you no longer have Imaan. During this...

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Inability to discharge Kaffarah of Zihaar

Question:- The Kaffarah of Zihaar is as follows: - freeing a slave (not disabled) - feeding 60 poor people - keeping 60 fasts continuously What if a person has no slaves so he can't free any? He is very poor himself so he can't feed 60 people. He has an illness so he...

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Eating through Sehri time

Question:- A brother continued eating after Sehri time. Is Qadha necessary? Answer:- He didn’t commence the fast, hence there is no Qadha. [Aap ke Masaa’il Aur Unka Hal Pg.267 Vol.3] ALLAH TA'ALA KNOWS BEST! ANSWERED BY: Mufti Mohammed Desai Date: 15 Shabaan 1445 / 26...

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Giving preference to Qadhaa over Kaffaarah

QUESTION: In addition to one having Kaffarah due to intentionally breaking a fast, one also has a number of Qadhaa fasts accumulated over time for a few months of Ramadhan, owing to missing those fasts. Should one start keeping the Qadhaa of all the missed fasts only...

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