Qadha And Kaffarah

Giving preference to Qadhaa over Kaffaarah

QUESTION: In addition to one having Kaffarah due to intentionally breaking a fast, one also has a number of Qadhaa fasts accumulated over time for a few months of Ramadhan, owing to missing those fasts. Should one start keeping the Qadhaa of all the missed fasts only...

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Nullifying a Qadhaa fast

QUESTION: If a person is keeping a Qadhaa fast (of Ramadhaan), and due to weakness and feeling unwell, breaks the fast, does she keep 1 or 2 Qadhaa for it? ANSWER: Only one Qadhaa will be necessary. There is no Kaffarah in this instance. وأما وجوب القضاء فأما الصيام...

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Day of Eid falls in between Kaffarah fasts

QUESTION:- A person is keeping Kaffarah fasts and the day of Eid ul Adha falls in between. Is one required to renew the 60 fasts from the beginning? ANSWER:- One will have to commence with the Kaffarah once again from the very beginning after Eid-ul-Adha. إذَا كَفَّرَ...

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Breaking one’s fast due to labour pains

Question:- A lady experiences labour pain so she breaks her fast. She delivers at the time of sunset. What is the ruling with regards to her fast? Is there Qadha and Kaffarah? Answer:- If there is a strong possibility of her and her child being harmed if she doesn't...

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Fasting for an insane person

Question:- What is ruling in the following scenario? Will an insane person, who is not even aware of fasting, have to fast in the month of Ramadaan? If he doesn't fast due to his mental condition, then is Qadhaa or Kaffarah obligatory upon him? Does he have to pay...

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Choice in Kaffaarah

Question:- If a person had intercourse with his wife whilst fasting during the month of Ramadan, is the Kaffaarah fasting for 60 consecutive days? Or, can one feed 60 people even if one has the ability to fast for 60 consecutive days? Is it either/or, and one can...

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