Nullifying Factors

Using an Asthma pump while fasting

Question:- Is one permitted to use a Asthma pump whilst fasting? Answer:- Using an asthma pump will nullify one’s fast, hence, one should refrain from using it whilst fasting. من أدخل بصنعه دخانا حلقه بأي صورة كان الإدخال فسد صومه سواء كان دخان عنبرا أو عودا أو غيرهما...

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Applying “lip-ice” whilst fasting

Question:- Is one permitted to apply "lip-ice" whilst fasting? Answer:- If a person licks the "lip-ice" off the lip and swallows it, then the fast will be nullified. However, if after licking it he spits it out, then the fast will not be nullified, but doing so is...

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Water entering the ears whilst fasting

Question:- Is one's fast nullified by water entering the ears? Answer:- If water enters the ears unintentionally, then the fast will be valid. If one intentionally enters water into the ears, then too the fast will remain intact as people are generally in the habit of...

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Vomiting whilst fasting

Question:- What is the ruling regarding the fast of a person who vomits whilst fasting, or he enters his finger into his mouth and vomits? Is there a difference between vomiting in a small quantity or large quantity? Answer:- If one unintentionally vomits whilst...

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Swallowing food particles whilst fasting

Question:- I have a broken tooth at the back of my mouth. At times, food particles get stuck in the cavity. Should I have it filled? Will it affect the validity of my fast in anyway? Answer:- If a food particle stuck in the broken tooth was swallowed, then the fast...

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Experiencing a wet dream whilst fasting

Question:- What if we have a wet dream in Ramadan? Does our fast break? Do we repeat our fast? What is the ruling? Answer:- A wet dream does not nullify one’s fast. Hence, there is no need to repeat the fast if one experiences a wet dream. فان نام فاحتلم لم يفطر لقوله...

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Masturbating whilst fasting

Question:- If one masturbated while fasting in Ramadhan, is the fast broken? If so, how does one make amends for the broken fasts? Answer:-  Yes, the fast will be broken. He will be required to make only Qadhaa of the fast after Ramadaan. He should sincerely repent...

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