Nullifying Factors

Ejaculating whilst fasting

Question:- A person was fasting in the month of Ramadaan. He met with a Ghair Mahram women (non Muslim also) and started talking and then went further where he slept on top of her. They started making movement but both had clothes on. The brother then felt that he had...

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Water entering the throat whilst fasting

Question:- I kept a fast with the intention of Qadha. However,I broke the fast accidently by allowing water to enter my throat. I was aware that I was fasting when i drank the water. What is the Kaffarah? Answer:- In the queried scenario, your fast will be invalid and...

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Inhaling perfume whilst fasting

Question:- If perfume is accidentally inhaled while fasting (where the perfume can be felt/tasted in the throat), does the fast break? Answer:- The Fuqaha have mentioned that one’s fast will not be nullified by unintentionally inhaling perfume. However, if the actual...

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Dental treatment whilst fasting

Question:- I am pregnant at the moment in my second trimester, and need dental work done as I have tooth pain. I originally had an appointment booked earlier in my pregnancy, but was told it was too risky in the first trimester and had two appointments rebooked for...

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Phlegm entering the throat whilst fasting

Question:- If phlegm enters the throat whilst fasting ( as a result of crying), will it invalidate the fast? Answer:- If the phlegm from within the mouth is swallowed, it will not invalidate the fast. [Re: Fataawa Uthmaaniyyah Vol:4 Pg:180] و(قوله: أو دخل أنفه) الأولى...

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Inhaling smoke whilst fasting

Question:- I inhaled a little smoke whilst frying a sandwich. I thereafter choked and spat it out. Did this break my fast? Answer:- If smoke or dust enters the throat unintentionally (whilst fasting) the fast will not be nullified, hence in your instance, your fast...

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Blood in saliva whilst fasting

Question:- I am currently keeping my Qadha fast. Whilst making Wudhu at Asr time, I noticed blood in my saliva. What is the condition of my fast? Answer:- If the saliva (which was swallowed) was more in quantity than the blood, then the fast will be valid. On the...

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