Marriage And Divorce


QUESTION: After the Nikaah has been conducted, if the husband and wife sit alone for 7 minutes in the bridal room of the banquet hall, the door was closed but not locked, will it constitute as proper seclusion (Khalwat-e-Saheeha)? ANSWER: Yes, if the room door is...

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Marrying one’s biological sister’s milk-brother

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a girl to get married to her biological sister's milk-brother? ANSWER: We assume that your query relates to a boy and girl drinking milk from a lady besides their own parents, in other words, she is neither the boy’s mother, nor the...

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QUESTION: A couple were married for 25 years and during this period, three Talaaqs were issued. They are divorced for two years but they really want to get back together. Is this possible in any way? I have heard that if another man gets married to her without any...

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Walimah and Mahr after Talaaq-e-Baa’in

QUESTION: A man gave his wife a Talaaq-e-Baa’in. After the Iddah, he remarried her. Is he required to pay Mahr and celebrate Walimah? ANSWER: Yes, it will be necessary upon the husband to pay Mahr for the second time since a new Nikah will be solemnized. It is Sunnah...

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Wife claiming past expenses from spouse

QUESTION: A woman is married for several years and during this time, she maintained herself and her child by paying rental, purchasing groceries and contributing to other needs. Her husband failed to provide for them and she is now seeking a divorce, as well as...

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Status of a civil or court divorce

QUESTION: 1. If a husband issues a summons for a decree of divorce, would that constitute a Talaaq? 2. If a husband sent a WhatsApp message with a Talaaq, but then states he did not mean it and returns home, would that constitute an effective Talaaq? ANSWER: 1. Yes,...

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