Marriage And Divorce

Looking at one’s Wife’s Private Part

QUESTION: I've heard that if a husband looks at the inner part of his wife's front private part, their Nikaah will break? 1. Is this true? 2. Does it have to be done with lust? 3. If the Nikaah is broken, will it have to be renewed? ANSWER: By looking at the wife’s...

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Shari Ruling Regarding a “Honeymoon”

QUESTION: What is the Islamic ruling regarding a "honeymoon"? ANSWER: The word ‘honeymoon’ is thought to have originated in medieval times. At that time, it was common for newly-wed couples to drink mead (a fermented beverage made from honey) for a moon cycle (30...

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Talaaq with the words “You are free.”

QUESTION: There had been so many conflicts in our marriage from the beginning. It settles down and then returns. This time he messaged me saying, don't call me or message me, but I did, so he said, " Tum Meri Taraf Se Azaad Ho" i.e: "You're free from my side". Does...

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Being with one’s spouse in Jannah

QUESTION: 1. What happens to a woman who has married a number of times in the world due to her husband predeceasing her when she enters into Jannah? 2. What happens to a divorcee in Jannah? ANSWER: 1. A woman who has married multiple times in this world (due to...

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Taweez to separate two individuals

QUESTION: Is it permissible to use Taweez to make someone leave a girl who is not good for them to marry? ANSWER: We do not find any permission for using a Taweez to prevent a person from marrying a girl. One should make Istikhaarah and decide whether he wants to...

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