Medical Matters

Remedy For Clinical Depression

QUESTION: I am a 61 year-old male and I have been suffering from a mental deficiency (Clinical Depression) for as long as I can remember. I find it extremely difficult to think and to communicate, which has put an immense amount of pressure on my family relationships....

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Visiting Ayurveda Hindu Doctors

QUESTION: Is it permissible to go for treatment to Indian Ayurveda herbal Hindu doctors and use the herbal medicine they administer? ANSWER: There is no harm in using the herbal medication if it is free of any prayers of Kufr and Haraam ingredients. However, one...

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QUESTION: Anxiety has become a common issue which many of my friends are experiencing, especially with teenagers in school.  Please advise on coping mechanisms which I could share with them, and also explain "anxiety" in a general sense? ANSWER: Anxiety is simply...

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Skin to Skin Contact

QUESTION: After giving birth, the newborn baby is placed on the mother for skin to skin contact. There are various benefits in carrying out this action. Would it be Islamically permissible to do so? ANSWER: We as Muslims are governed by the laws of Shariah. Hence, if...

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A male studying to become a gynaecologist

QUESTION: Are males allowed to become gynaecologists? If so, what are the regulations and precautions to take? ANSWER: If there are enough females serving as gynaecologists, then there is no need for a male to study to be a gynaecologist. The Ulama have written that...

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Water emerging from the eyes

QUESTION: If there is pain in the eyes and water emerges, then Wudhu breaks (as in the case of "pink eyes"), but if there is no pain in the eyes, nor are they sore, then Wudhu will not break by the mere flowing of tears. Is this Mas’ala correct? Please provide...

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QUESTION: Is liposuction surgery allowed even though it may be without a medical reason? ANSWER: It is not permissible for a woman to undergo a tummy tuck or liposuction as one is required to expose her Satr before the doctor without a valid Shari’ee reason. Due to...

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