Medical Matters

Applying ointment containing alcohol

QUESTION: I have an ointment from China which is to be mixed with Bacardi Alcohol and then applied onto the body. It helps for pains and aches in the joints. Would this be permissible to use? ANSWER: There are many ointments available on the market that are beneficial...

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Blood donation

QUESTION: Please comment on the permissibility of donating blood and the impact that the blood would have on the recipient of the blood - does he/she become the donor's blood relative? ANSWER: Donating blood is permitted at a time of severe need. [Re:- Kifaayatul...

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Breast augmentation

QUESTION: A woman would like to know the Shari' ruling on the following: Due to her breastfeeding her two children for a long period of time, it has caused her breasts to be abnormal in size and shape (her breasts before giving birth were normal). In her specific...

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Samia Medical Aid for Ulama

QUESTION: Is it permissible to sign up to the Samia Medical Aid program? ANSWER: Our Darul Ifta does not approve of the ‘Samia Medical Health Benefit Program', hence we advise abstention. ALLAH TA’ALA ALONE IN HIS INFINITE KNOWLEDGE KNOWS BEST! ANSWERED BY: Mufti...

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Donating a portion of a liver

QUESTION: I would like to find out if it will be permissible to donate a piece of liver to someone who really needs it in order to live? ANSWER: Our bodies have been entrusted to us from the side of Allah Ta’ala, hence we are not permitted to use our bodies freely as...

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Steroids, Glucose and other medication

QUESTION: 1. If a person takes medicine daily for no reason, is that considered as taking drugs? 2. Are steroids permissible? 3. Are glucose tablets permissible to take for sporting purposes? ANSWER: 1. If the medication is unnecessarily taken with the intention of...

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Metaphysical healing

QUESTION: Is it permissible and advisable for a person to undertake metaphysical healing as an alternative to generic medicine? ANSWER: According to our understanding, ‘Metaphysical healing’ consists of various types of healing which includes acupuncture, usage of...

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“Access Bars” treatment

QUESTION: A Mufti was asked about the permissibility of an energy healing type technique called Access Bars. He certified it as permissible, and based on his explanation, he seemed to have understood it to be more like a type of reflexology/ acupuncture type...

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