Lost and found

QUESTION: I am a caretaker of a Masjid. Mussallees leave behind/forget the following items: Watches Rings Jackets/Jerseys Shoes/Sandles Topis Socks We place a notice on the Masjid board, but these items are not claimed for many months. What should we do with these...

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Trustees removing a clock from the Masjid

QUESTION: A few years ago, a Musallee donated a clock to the Masjid and hung it up with his Marhoom father's name and date of death inscribed on the clock. Would it be permissible for the Masjid Committee to remove the clock from the Masjid ,as they feel the Masjid is...

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Purchasing old items of the Masjid

QUESTION: We are about to start renovations to our Masjid. The old carpets, door frames, rubble etc will be disposed of, and whatever is salvageable, will be given away. However, a person wishes to donate to the Masjid. Would it be correct if he donates through buying...

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Accepting government funds to build a Masjid

QUESTION: Is it permissible to use government's money as a gift, whether directly from government or through any of the politicians/cooperatives of the town, for building a Masjid/using it for Masjid purposes? ANSWER: It will be permissible to accept funds from the...

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Keeping a cat on the Masjid premises

QUESTION: What is the ruling in keeping a cat in the Masjid building, and it living there? ANSWER: We did not find any prohibition that prevents us from keeping a cat on the Masjid property. However, one should remember that if the cat enters the Masjid area and...

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Females attending the Nikaah ceremony in the Masjid

QUESTION: Please advise if it is sinful for a female to be present at the Nikaah in the Masjid? ANSWER: It is Mustahab to have the Nikah performed in the Masjid. When females are not permitted to attend the congregational Salaah and Jumuah (which is obligatory), due...

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Best Masjid to perform Salaah in

QUESTION: If there are several Masaajid in an area, which Masjid will be the best to perform Salaah in? The oldest Masjid, or the Masjid with the most Musallis? ANSWER: It is better to perform Salaah in the oldest Masjid, but if a new Masjid is built closer to one’s...

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Difference between a Masjid and Musallah

QUESTION: I have recently moved into an area that has a Musallah, but not a Masjid. The Musallah is 1.1km from my house and the nearest Masjid is 3.8km. 1. Are the etiquettes and Sunan of a Masjid applicable to a Musallah i.e. should one recite the Duas for entering...

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