Having a Braai on Masjid Premises

QUESTION: Is it in accordance with the Adab and respect of the Masjid for a Masjid committee to use the premises as a venue for a community 'Bring and Braai' event?  The event entails people bringing meat to the Masjid property and 'braaing' it thereon and thereafter,...

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Correcting the direction of the Qiblah

QUESTION: There are some Masaajid (in Lenasia) that are a few degrees off Qiblah. Is it permissible to perform Salaah at these Masaajid? ANSWER: At the outset, it should be borne in mind that when a person is performing Salaah before the Ka’aba Sharif (in the Haram of...

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Delaying the Salaah to silence the congregation

QUESTION: Can the Imaam delay the congregational for up to 5-10 minutes to maintain silence in the Masjid? Are there any proofs to validate this practice? Is it necessary, or should it be avoided? Is it praiseworthy, or can it be regarded as an innovation? ANSWER: We...

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Performing Esha Salaah in a Musallah during Ramadaan

Question:- I will be leading the Taraweeh Salaah at a Jamaat khana. Throughout the year all 5 salaah are performed at the Jamaat Khana with the exception of Jumuah. The crowd is large as there are many flats nearby even larger than the Masjid. My question is should I...

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I’tikaaf in a Masjid Shari’ee

QUESTION: What is the ruling of performing Nafl i'tikaaf in a Musalla in which five times Salaah takes place? It's not a Shari'ee Masjid, but the only place which the people have in the locality to perform Salaah in. ANSWER: I’tikaaf for men is only valid in a...

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Making a building officially a Masjid

QUESTION: How is a place declared a Masjid? Does it require an independent entrance? Are there any other requirements? ANSWER: The Fuqaha have mentioned that a building does not officially become a Masjid by merely building it. It is officially recognized as a Masjid...

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Hanging a frame in the Masjid

QUESTION: Is it permissible to have a picture of Masjid-ul-Haram displayed in a Masjid? ANSWER: Generally, pictures and frames are put up on the front wall of the Masjid (in the direction of the Qiblah), so that it is visible to all the Musallis. We advise abstention...

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