Serving Kheer To The Bereaved

QUESTION: Please advise if serving Kheer to the bereaved is a Sunnah. There is a post quoting a Hadith wherein Hadrat Aisha Radiallahu Anha advises the women to eat Talbina as a means of comfort and reprieve. Would Kheer be considered as a substitute for Talbina in...

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Using Ihraam as a Kafan

QUESTION: Can the Ihraam be adopted as one's Kafan? ANSWER: If a person makes a bequest that he wishes to be buried in his Ihraam, then such a bequest should not be adhered to as the Ihraam consists of 2 pieces of cloth, whilst the Sunnah Kafn is 3 pieces of clothing....

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Requesting a Specific Burial Site

QUESTION: Can a person request to be buried next to someone, for example, their mother? ANSWER: It will be permissible to make a Wasiyyat to be buried next to one’s mother’s Qabr. [Fataawa Qaasmiyyah Pg.94/95 Vol.10] Hadrat Umar Radiallahu Anhu requested Hadrat...

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Sitting in Salaah Due to Weakness

QUESTION: Is it permissible to begin Salaah while standing, and after the first Rakaat, one sits and complete the remainder of the Salaah due to weakness, knee problems, etc.? ANSWER: Yes, it will be permissible to do so. [Re: Kitaabun Nawaazil Vol:5 Pg:480] بَابُ...

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Adjusting Clothing During Salaah

QUESTION: If we adjust our clothing with both hands when changing positions in Salaah, does it break the Salaah? ANSWER: According to the Hanafi Madhab, Amal-e-Katheer refers to excessive movement in Salaah that is not carried out for the correctness of Salaah and...

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Advising a New Muslim on the Performance of Salaah

QUESTION: May we advise a new Muslim to perform the Fardh of every Salaah, and then when they comprehend Salaah, we explain Sunnah, Nafl, etc. in order for them to perform Salaah? Should they learn all of this immediately, or would it be determined by their degree of...

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Female Correcting a Mahram’s Fault in Salaah

QUESTION: Is it permitted for a woman to vocally correct a Mahram's faults while she performs Salaah behind him? ANSWER: No, verbal correction will not be correct. Yes, she may hit the outer palm to get his attention and thereby correct the error. التسبيح للرجال...

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