Democracy in Islam

Q1. Is a Muslim sinful for staying under a democratic government in South Africa which promotes so much wrong and atrocities against the Deen of Allah Ta’ala? A person will not be sinful for living in South Africa which is a democratic country. However, one should not...

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Becoming an Astrophysicist

Question:- I would like to find out if it is permissible to become an astrophysicist? Could Mufti Saheb please mention the reasoning as well. Answer:- We understand that an astrophysicist is one that studies the universe to help us understand the physical matter and...

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Prescriptions of the Mashaa’ikh

Question:- Does it constitute as Kufr or Bid'ah for a Muslim to believe that a certain Zikr has a greater spiritual impact than Tilaawat? Answer:-  The aspect of what is more effective for one’s spiritual well-being is a matter that is entrusted to one’s spiritual...

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Celebrating ‘Donald Duck Day’

Question:- A Montessori school had a "Happy Donald Duck Day" on 9th June 2022. A Google search shows that 9 June is "National Donald Duck Day". Another Google search also shows that June is "LGBTQ+ Pride Month". Donald Duck is a Disney Cartoon Character. Disney says...

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Boycotting in Islam

Question:- What is the position of boycotting in Islam? Can the Hadith wherein Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam imposed restrictions on the three Sahaaba that remained behind from participating in Tabuk, be used as a proof for current day boycotting? Please...

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