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QUESTION: There is a message circulating on Whatsapp advertising an App for Haidh.  Women are enquiring whether they can use the App and if everything on their website is in accordance with Shariah. Mention is made of Imam Muhammad Birgivi, whom we are not aware of....

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Using Unscented Sunblock in Ihraam

QUESTION: Regarding sunblock, what is the difference between "waterproof" and "water-resistant"?  How do these products affect the validity of Wudhu? ANSWER: A person may use unscented cream or sunblock whilst in the state of Ihraam as the prohibition in Ihraam is...

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Ghusl after Discharge of Semen

QUESTION: A lady makes Ghusl after relations with her husband. However, after a few hours and sometimes up to a day, the wife notices a thick discharge. Must she perform Ghusl every time she notices the discharge? ANSWER: The Fuqaha have stated that if a person slept,...

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Validity of Wudhu While Sleeping on a Chair

QUESTION: Will falling asleep while seated on a chair break one's Wudhu? ANSWER: If a person falls asleep while sitting on a chair, then his Wudhu will remain intact as his posterior remains on the chair. Yes, if the posterior is raised from the chair, then his Wudhu...

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Inhaling water through the nostrils during Wudhu

QUESTION: Regarding Wudhu and the cleaning of the nostrils, it is mentioned that we have to inhale water till it reaches the fleshy part of our nose. Is it sufficient if it is cleansed with one's wet thumb and baby finger thrice? Regarding a Waajib/ Fardh Ghusl: it is...

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Sunnah method of Ghusl

QUESTION: If I take a Ghusl but don’t follow the steps in order, does it matter? For example: (making intention, then reciting Bismillah, then performing Wudhu separately (making sure each limb is washed correctly), etc. ANSWER: It is best and most rewarding to follow...

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Emission of Wadi nullifies Wudhu

QUESTION: After urinating, washing, making Istibra etc. I notice that a sticky, clear substance comes out, and sometimes a whitish, murky, sticky substance comes out. What is my condition? Do I need to make Ghusl or Wudhu? What could be the cause of this? ANSWER: The...

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