Employment / Commission

Income comprising of Halaal and Haraam

QUESTION: I work in IT Security for companies. I've recently got a job offer at a company which is an equity and investment advisory firm. Is it permissible for me to accept this job working as IT security for them? If a portion of a company's income is sourced from...

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Serving as a debt counsellor

QUESTION: Is it permissible to have a profession as a debt counselor? ANSWER: If debt counsellors assist people by advising them how to control their finances and spend correctly, or they advise them how to negotiate with creditors and enter an agreement to pay their...

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Designing gym clothing

QUESTION: Is it permissible to design (only design, not produce) for a clothing company that makes gym clothing? The standard designs are tight,  while some are short and they show skin. ANSWER: If you design clothing to be worn in public which reveals the Satr (the...

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Giving an incentive to shop employees

Question:- A person supplies wholesalers with his product. The employees in the stores pack the product on the shelf, and,as the shelf gets empty, they continue to fill it up. Generally, each aisle has one employee allocated to it. Mufti Sahib might be aware that it...

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