Hunting Animals

QUESTION: If one has to shoot an animal from a distance and then rush to slaughter it, in which cases will it be permitted to eat the meat, and in which will it be impermissible? Kindly explain if there is any difference of opinion as well. ANSWER: If an object with a...

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Distribution of Shares in a Cow

Q1) Please advise how the meat of a cow should be divided if there are 7 different people who have shares in the cow. A1) It is necessary to divide the meat equally between all seven shareholders. If certain shareholders get extra and others get less, then this will...

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Slaughtering An Animal With An Abscess

QUESTION: A Qurbani animal has an abscess on its leg. Will this be regarded as a defect? Can the animal be slaughtered for Qurbani? ANSWER: The Fuqaha have written that an animal that walks on three legs and cannot put the fourth leg onto the ground due to injury, or...

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Jallaalah Animals Permissible for Qurbani

QUESTION: What is the ruling regarding a Jallaalah cow (a cow that has been nourished with Haraam)? Can it be slaughtered for Qurbani? ANSWER: A Jallaalah animal is such animal which only eats Najaasat (impurity) to such an extent that the effect of the impurity...

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Requirements that Necessitate Qurbani

QUESTION: A sister has a ring on which she pays Zakaah. Is it Waajib for her to perfrom Qurbani? Please elaborate on whom Qurbani is incumbent upon? ANSWER: You have stated in your query that she has a ring which is equivalent to Nisaab, hence she is required to...

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When Do Hajis Clip Their Nails

QUESTION: A person intending to perform Qurbani should refrain from clipping the nails before the commencement of Dhul Hijjah. Is the same ruling applicable to the Haji who performs Qurbani? ANSWER: Yes, it is Mustahab (preferable) to clip the nails before the...

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Combining Aqeeqah and Qurbani

QUESTION: Am I able to combine my daughter's Aqeeqah with my Qurbani? Considering that I am in financial debt, can I perform Qurbani? ANSWER: Qurbani is Waajib upon you if you possess the Nisaab, which currently R11 600.00. If your liabilities or debts exceed your...

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