QUESTION: What is the ruling behind shaving a baby's hair on the 7th day with Aqeeqah? Is the Sadaqah equivalent to the weight of the hair in silver from amongst the Sunnah of Rasoolullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam? ANSWER: Aqeeqah is a Mustahab act and if carried out...

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Slaughtering carried out by an alcoholic

QUESTION: 1. I would like to know, in that moment of being intoxicated, will the Tasmiya be counted if he cut the animal the next day and he had drank alcohol the night before? 2. I would also like to know what about eating from Muslim familes who support this person?...

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Changing Niyyat for Qurbani

QUESTION:- After a Qurbaani has been made with the intention of Nafl, can it be changed to make intention of a Waajib? I did Qurbaani on behalf of my young son (nafl), and later came to know that there was a misunderstanding, and my mother thought I had made her...

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Distribution of the Qurbani Animal

QUESTION:- Please clarify the following. It is our understanding that the distribution of the Qurbani animal should be done in three parts, viz. one part for the poor, one part for relatives, and one part for one's self, OR the entire animal can be used for one's...

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Making patties with Qurbani meat and selling it

Question:- My mother made Qurbani and gifted the meat to her sister. Is it allowed for her sister to make patties from that meat, and sell burgers? Answer:- In principle, when a person is gifted an item, then he or she becomes the owner of it by accepting the gift and...

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Slaughtering one’s Qurbani animal at night

Question:- Are we permitted to slaughter the Qurbani animal at night? Answer:- If there is adequate light wherein there is no chance of making an error while slaughtering, then it will be permissible, otherwise it will be Makrooh. [[i]].     كتاب المبسوط للسرخسي...

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