Nullifying Factors Of Wudhu

Queefing in Salaah

Question:- What is the ruling regarding queefing in salaah? Does it break your Salaah only, or does it break your Wudhu and Salaah? Is one considered a Ma'thoor? Please provide a detailed a response. Answer:- Wind that is released from the front passage (of the male...

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Dry matter emerging from blackheads

Question:- Does pressing out dried pus (as when pressing out black/white-heads) break the Wudhu? However, blood does not emerge with it. Answer:- If dry pus is seen attached to the black-head, then Wudhu will not be nullified. However, if the pus is in flowing form,...

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Falling asleep in Sajdah

Question:- I fell asleep during Sajdah, but I am not certain as to whether I was really asleep or not. Does my Wudhu remain intact, or does it break? Answer:- If you performed Sajdah in accordance to the Sunnah, then your Wudhu will remain intact, and if your posture...

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