Carrying out employment duties whilst in I’tikaaf

Question:- I'd like to find out if a person wants to sit in Sunnah I'tikaaf but his company requires him to work remotely whilst in Itikaaf, will it be permissible for the person to work on his laptop whilst in I'tikaaf for a few hours on certain days? Answer:- It is...

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Rewards of performing I’tikaaf

Question:- What are the rewards of performing I'tikaaf? Answer:- Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam mentioned regarding the Mu'takif (the one who performs I'tikaaf): He stays away from sins and good deeds are written for him like one who is doing all good actions. [Ibn...

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I’tikaaf for one that passes wind often

Question:- A person has an illness of passing wind very often. Can he perform I'tikaaf? Answer:- The things that cause inconvenience to human beings also cause inconvenience to the angels. Secondly, it is Makrooh to pass wind in the Masjid. If one is unable to control...

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