Nullifying Factors

Female reciting audibly in Salaah

QUESTION: If a woman reads slightly audibly in Salaah, will this invalidate her Salaah or not? ANSWER: It will not be permissible for a woman to recite audibly in any Salaah. [Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakariyyah Vol:2 Pg:191] ولا تجهر في موضع الجهر (حاشية الطحطاوي ص259)...

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Dog licking a person while performing Salaah

QUESTION: A person was performing Salaah outside and while in the Qa'dah position, a dog passed him and licked his forehead. Should he repeat his Salaah? ANSWER: The saliva of a dog is impure, hence if the dog licked one’s forehead, then one’s forehead will also...

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Muqtadi making Salaam before the Imaam

QUESTION:- What is the ruling if a Muqtadi makes Salaam before the Imaam? ANSWER:- If the Muqtadi, after completing the Tashahhud, makes Salaam before the Imaam due to a need, for example, having a strong urge to visit the bathroom, then it will be permissible to...

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Hair getting exposed during Salaah

Question:- 1. I’m very conscious of my hair showing in Salaah through my Burqa. I wear a scarf under the Burqa but despite this, sometimes a few strands show. I also keep passing my fingers during Salaah to ensure that it’s fully covered. I’ve recently learnt that to...

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Performing Salaah before a Quraan Sharif

Question:- During the month of Ramadaan, I recite Quraan Sharif in the Masjid. I then stop my recitation and keep the Quraan Sharif in front of me on a desk. After I complete my Salaah, I continue with my recitation. Is this in order? Answer:- There is no problem in...

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