Nullifying Factors

Performing four Rakaats of Maghrib

Question:- In our Masjid the Imaam performed 4 Rakaats of Maghrib Salaah.  The Salaah had to be repeated .However there were some people who came late and got one Rakaat of the 4 Rakaats (the last Rakaat), do they finish their Salaah as normal or will their Salaah...

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Performing Salaah in Niqaab

Question:- I'd like to enquire as to whether it is permissible to wear Niqaab whilst performing Salaah in the Haram or in public etc. Answer:- It is recorded in the Kitaabs of Fiqh that covering the nose and mouth in Salaah is Makrooh, hence covering the face in...

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Females performing Salaah with short sleeves

Question:- Can women perform Salaah with short sleeves? The Burqah will be covering the arm. Answer:- If a lady performs Salaah wearing short sleeves, then her Salaah will be valid on proviso that the Burqah is of thick material and covers the hands. However, if the...

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Performing Salaah with shoes

Question:- 1. Can one perform Salaah with shoes in the Masjid? 2. Can one perform Janaazah Salaah with shoes? Answer:- 1.The Fuqaha have written that it is Makrooh to wear shoes and enter the Masjid even though the shoes may be perfectly clean, thus a person should...

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Female reciting audibly in Salaah

QUESTION: If a woman reads slightly audibly in Salaah, will this invalidate her Salaah or not? ANSWER: It will not be permissible for a woman to recite audibly in any Salaah. [Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakariyyah Vol:2 Pg:191] ولا تجهر في موضع الجهر (حاشية الطحطاوي ص259)...

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Dog licking a person while performing Salaah

QUESTION: A person was performing Salaah outside and while in the Qa'dah position, a dog passed him and licked his forehead. Should he repeat his Salaah? ANSWER: The saliva of a dog is impure, hence if the dog licked one’s forehead, then one’s forehead will also...

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