Salaah Of The Sick

Salaah on a couch

Question:- If, due to injury, a person has to sit and perform Salaah, will it be permissible to sit on a couch/sofa? Answer:- If one is unable to perform Salaah whilst standing or sitting on the floor, then as a last resort he may perform Salaah whilst sitting on a...

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Missing Salaah during pregnancy

Question:- My wife is experiencing severe morning sickness (pregnancy sickness) which plagues her for the entire day. She vomits most of the time when awake and eats very little. Her only comfort is when she is sleeping, as she doesn't vomit or feel nauseous then. Do...

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Continuously passing wind

Question:- I have an illness where I continuously pass wind to the extent that I'm unable to even perform Salaah without breaking my Wudhu. What should I do in this instance? Answer:- If you are releasing wind continuously and unable to control yourself as explained...

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