Character And Mannerism

Adopting moderation in matters of Deen

QUESTION: When a person encounters differences in the views of Ulama and the paths that are followed by people, at certain times one has to take the middle path between two extreme views in order to remain on the Siratul Mustaqeem. This is because we are taught that...

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Voting in Islam

QUESTION: Please advise regarding voting in our country as Muslims. Should we participate in the vote, or participate but spoil the vote, or abstain completely from voting? ANSWER: It is recorded in Hujjatullahil Baaligah, that the following requirements should be...

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Correcting new graduates

QUESTION: How do we, who are from amongst the Awwaam, encourage those who have studied Deen, to wear their Topis and scarves, Purdahs etc. in the method described in the previous Fatwa? When we bring up this topic, they argue with some proof or reasoning for the way...

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Video clips of Palestinian Martrys

QUESTION: Please advise what is the ruling on the massive media output of videos and images of martyrs which get forwarded across the globe. Given that photography is Haraam, what are the consequences of circulating these images of men, women and children? Does it...

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Prohibiting from evil

QUESTION: Please elaborate on the boundaries of prohibiting from evil? ANSWER: The Hadith states that whoever sees evil, then he should try to stop it with his hand. This refers to those in authority such as the rulers. If one is unable to prevent evil with the hand,...

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Ulama appearing on TV

QUESTION: I was recently invited to a panel discussion on a Radio and TV channel with strange men. Upon my polite declination, I was met with resistance and was told that senior Ulama sit on TV shows with women, and are often alone with women in radio studios. Their...

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Consoling the child of a cancer patient

QUESTION: What would be the proper etiquette of consoling a person whose mother is struggling to fight cancer? ANSWER: You are required to give hope and strength to the person and at no stage should you make the person feel despondent. You should inform the person...

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Verbally abusive to one’s wife

QUESTION: Please expound on the boundaries Shariah has set regarding a husband reprimanding the wife? Some men have a temperament where they are vulgar and insulting towards the wife, and this can have an adverse effect on her. ANSWER: It is totally incorrect and...

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