Zakaah on Quicksilver

QUESTION: Is Quicksilver a metal on which Zakaah is payable? ANSWER: What is Quicksilver? The metal mercury resembles silver in color. Unlike silver and most other metals though, mercury is liquid at ordinary temperatures, For that reason it is able to flow and to...

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Giving a debtor Zakaah to settle the wife’s loan

QUESTION: My wife loaned my niece a considerable amount of money. My niece is currently unable to pay the money back because her husband is unemployed. They have a daughter who is Baligh and eligible for Zakaah. Can I distribute my Zakaat again to them and suggest,...

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Zakaah on gold

QUESTION: Please provide clarity on Zakaah on gold. Does the gold have to be equal to, or more than a specific amount in grams, in order for Zakaah to be liable? ANSWER: Zakaat will be Waajib when one has 20 Mithqaal (87.48 grams) of gold in one’s possession for one...

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Using funds kept aside for Zakaah

QUESTION: Someone kept money aside for Zakaat once it became Wajib upon him. However, before he discharges his Zakaat, he now feels like he should use the money set aside to pay his mortgage instead, and pay the outstanding Zakaat amount later? Would this be correct?...

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QUESTION: A Zakaat organization collects Zakaat into their account. They give vouchers to recipients who filled out a form making the organization the Wakeel. The recipients spend the voucher at a Cash & Carry, taking goods equivalent to the amount on the...

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Using Zakaah for administration purposes

QUESTION: Some charitable organizations say that they are entitled to 20% of Zakaah collected to use for the running expenses of the organization (without using any Heelah to convert it). Is this permissible and will a person's Zakaah be discharged? ANSWER: It is not...

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Zakaah on provident funds

QUESTION: With regards to the question on a provident fund where the wife becomes the beneficiary, is Zakaat payable on receipt of the funds, or is there no Zakaat to be paid at all? ANSWER: We assume that your query pertains to an involuntary provident fund imposed...

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Building homes with Zakaah funds

QUESTION:- Can a person build on Waqf Zamin using Zakaat funds, and thereafter, make the Fuqara the owners of that building? ANSWER:- In the queried scenario, we understand that the land was made Waqf for the use of the poor in a general manner, without any...

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