Method of Calculating Zakaah

QUESTION: Please explain in detail how to calculate Zakaah with the use of examples? ANSWER: 1. If a person has only cash funds, then he will be required to discharge 2.5% of the cash funds in Zakaat if it is equal to Nisaab or more than the Nisaab. For example, a...

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Giving Zakaah to One’s Grandson

QUESTION: Can a grandparent give Zakaat from her personal funds to her grandson who is 22 years old and studying the Aalim course, for his monthly personal use, due to his father being unemployed? ANSWER: The Fuqaha have written that Zakaat may not be given to one’s...

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Nisaab of Gold

QUESTION: The Nisaab of gold is calculated on 86 grams worth of gold. If one has 10 grams gold, does one have to pay Zakaah on it if the value exceeds the Nisaab amount? For example, I have only 50 grams gold but it is valued at approximately R5000. ANSWER: The Fuqaha...

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Zakaat on salary received in advance

QUESTION: 1. A person gets his salary at the beginning of every year. If he receives R240 000.00 at the start of the year and uses R20 000.00 per month, which would finish at the end of 12 months, does he have to pay Zakaat on the R240 000.00? He possessed Nisaab for...

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Zakaat on equipment purchased from a supplier

QUESTION: We purchased equipment to the value of R 2 million in the year 2019. The supplier was paid in full price but we have not yet received delivery of the equipment. We are currently in a legal dispute with the supplier, wherein we are demanding that they either...

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Ascertaining a Zakaat recipient

Question:- There are times when one may perceive a certain individual as deserving of Zakaat assistance based on outward appearances. However, inquiring about their actual financial state directly may be considered inappropriate. In such cases, how does one determine...

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Recipients of Zakaah

QUESTION: Can Zakaat be distributed to: 1. One's wife and children under 12yrs? 2. Nieces and nephews over 18yrs? 3. When distributing Zakaat, must the recipient know its Zakaat? 4. Is it best to discharge Zakaat in Ramadaan? ANSWER: 1. Zakaat cannot be given to one’s...

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Not knowing the Zakaah date

QUESTION: I became Baligh in the year 2013 before Ramadhaan. It may have been a few months before Ramadhaan, but I'm not sure exactly when I became Baligh. At the time, I was the owner of Nisaab. Over the years, I took out my Zakaat in Ramadhaan only. If my Zakaat was...

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