Exporting goods

QUESTION: With regards to exporting goods, most international buyers, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, require the goods to be sent via the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) shipping method. This means that the seller is responsible for all the costs involved right up...

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Receiving free perks from Old Mutual

QUESTION:- I work for an N.P.O. The following products are sponsored by Old Mutual to staff: Pension Package Disability Cover whilst on duty Death whilst on duty We do not make any contribution towards it, nor is it deducted from our salary. Would it be permissible to...

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Involuntary pension fund with additional benefits

Question:- I have a question with regards to pension funds and Zakaat which will be applicable on them. There are two fund options that I can opt for. It is obligatory to take out any one of the funds. In both cases, a percentage of the salary is deducted from the...

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Forwarding an advert to enter a competition

Question:- I send out an advertisement on social media stating that all those who will forward my advert to their friends and groups, will enter a prize draw. The winner will be announced and will receive a prize. Is this not a form of gambling or is it allowed?...

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Medical Aid

Question:- Is it permissible for a couple to apply for medical aid?  Many women have medical aid policies due to the high costs involved when giving birth, etc. Answer:- Our Darul Ifta does not approve of any form of medical insurance due to it comprising of the...

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Insuring one’s company to secure major contracts

Question:- My question is regarding company insurance. My brother has started a solar installation company, which is still in its infant stages, as the company mostly does installation for residential areas. He, however, wishes to go into the commercial field and do...

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Discovery Medical Aid scheme

Question:- Discovery have come out with a “Shariah Compliant” Medical Aid scheme. ( Is this permissible? Answer:- We are unaware of the modus operandi of the said medical aid scheme, hence...

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Business buy and sell agreement

Question:- We have a situation where a father of two daughters passed away some years back, and the estate has since been wound up and distributed. As part of the distribution, the daughters received funds which had been invested back then. The source of funds were...

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