Delaying the Fajr Salaah until after sunrise

QUESTION: 1.  A person wakes up for Fajr with only ten minutes before sunrise, and he is in need of taking a Ghusl. It usually takes 15 minutes to make Ghusl, which means he would miss his Fajr. What should he do? 2. What is the ruling where a person is aware that...

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Tayammum on an aeroplane

QUESTION:- If I am travelling on an aeroplane and I need to make Ghusl, how should I go about doing so? Will making Tayammum suffice? ANSWER:- In the queried scenario, if there are no facilities to make Ghusl on the airplane (as the lavatory area does not accommodate...

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Experiencing a discharge after Ghusl

Question:- After sexual intercourse, I take ghusl and after a while, I feel some discharge emerging. Do I need to urinate and then wash, or just wash without urinating? Answer:- If after intercourse, one slept, relieved himself, or walked around, and thereafter...

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Wudhu and Ghusl with permanent retainers

Question:- Many of my family members and I have had braces in the past. Once our braces were removed, we had permanent retainers placed behind our teeth. It's a wire that's held onto some of the teeth by dental 'cement'. By removing the retainer, there is a...

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Does pre-ejaculation necessitate Ghusl

Question:- Does pre-ejaculation necessitate Ghusl or Wudhu, and how should all clothing be washed? Answer:-  If by the term ‘pre-ejaculation’ you are referring to premature ejaculation, then Ghusl will become necessary the moment semen emerges from the private part....

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Permissibility of Brazilian hair treatment

Question:- Will a Brazilian hair treatment have any effect on one's Ghusl? Answer:-  If the Brazilian treatment is not permeable (meaning that it doesn’t allow water to penetrate it), then Ghusl will not be valid in the case where a Fardh Ghusl is required. You...

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