Suffering from urine drops after relieving oneself

Question:- After urinating, when I squeeze the penis urine drops come out for about 30 mins (after urinating). This takes a long time to clear. I recently had a cystoscopy and Alhamdulilah it was clear. The Dr did not recommend medication due to heavy side effects. 1....

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Ma’zoor due to old age

Question:- Papa is quite elderly and due to old age, he is unable to control his urine. His urine drips all the time and he wears an adult diaper that is similar to an outfit. This is changed by a trained nurse twice a day. He is unable to even make his own Wudhu and...

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Patient finding difficulty in making Wudhu

Question:- I need to find out with regards to Salaah. Firstly, due to suffering from bladder cancer, I have a drip from the penis. My dad had the same problem and was told it was acceptable for him to read his Salah in bed when he couldn't sit anymore. I can sit for a...

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