Mahr (Dowry)


Question:- What is the Sunnah Mahr, or that which is considered closest to it, and what is its value? Answer:- The Mahr of most of the wives of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam was 500 Dirhams. This was also the Mahr of Fatima Radiallahu Anha, which is the...

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Requesting a share in a business as Mahr

Question:- Can one ask for a share in the groom's business as Mahr? Answer:- Nikah takes place with a proposal from one party, and acceptance from the other party. Payment of Mahr (dowry) is also from amongst the fundamental aspects of Nikah in the sense that payment...

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Returning one’s Mahr to the husband when divorced

Question:- I received this message from a close friend. If a woman asks for Talaaq because of the husband's infidelity, does she still have to pay back her Mahr? Is there a difference between the Ahnaaf and Shawaafi? Answer:- If a woman requests her husband to issue a...

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Evaluating Mahr at the time of Nikah

Question:- I would like to know that when calculating the value of jewellery for Mahr, what price is taken into consideration? The price that was paid for the item, or the price of the gold value of the item? Many a times, there is a huge difference between the actual...

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Wife pardons Mahr under duress

Question:- A husband didn't pay the Mahr that was due to his wife after marriage. He now constantly pressurizes her to pardon the Mahr that is due to her. If she pardons him, due to being pressurized, will the Mahr fall away?   Answer:- If the husband forces and...

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