Wet dream while fasting

QUESTION: If you’re fasting, and you dream that you’re masturbating, but you wake up in a shock and you still feel that excitement. Would this constitute as a wet dream and therefore necessitate Ghusl? Would such a dream break the fast? ANSWER: A wet dream is an...

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Musaafir fasting while travelling

QUESTION: Say, for example, it is Ramadhan and I intend travelling tomorrow more than Safr distance. I will be flying at 8am (after Sehri time). Is it permissible for me not to fast? Or is it only permissible if I am already travelling at the time of Sehri? ANSWER: A...

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Global day of fasting

Question:- This Thursday has been marked as a global day of fasting in solidarity with Palestine. What is the ruling regarding participating in such an event and is there any reward for such a fast? Answer:-  All acts of worship whether Salaah, fasting, Zakaat, Hajj,...

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Giving preference to Qadhaa over Kaffaarah

QUESTION: In addition to one having Kaffarah due to intentionally breaking a fast, one also has a number of Qadhaa fasts accumulated over time for a few months of Ramadhan, owing to missing those fasts. Should one start keeping the Qadhaa of all the missed fasts only...

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Nullifying a Qadhaa fast

QUESTION: If a person is keeping a Qadhaa fast (of Ramadhaan), and due to weakness and feeling unwell, breaks the fast, does she keep 1 or 2 Qadhaa for it? ANSWER: Only one Qadhaa will be necessary. There is no Kaffarah in this instance. وأما وجوب القضاء فأما الصيام...

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Using a tampon whilst fasting

Question:- I use tampons as I have a discharge problem. I try not to use them when I fast, as I know it's not recommended. However, I forgot during the day that I was fasting and inserted one. Is my fast valid? Answer:- It is recorded in the Kitaabs of Fiqh that using...

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Fasting on the day of Eid-ul-Adha

Question:- If one makes the intention of fasting on the morning of Eid until he eats from the Qurbani animal, but then eats before eating from the Qurbani animal, is it necessary to keep a Qadhaa fast? Answer:- In the queried scenario, there is no Qadhaa as there is...

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