Fasting on Every Alternate Day

QUESTION: I heard that it was the practice of Nabi Dawood Alayhis Salaam to fast every alternate day. I wanted to find out how to fast on Mondays and Thursdays as well as every alternate day. Should I fast on: a) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday Or...

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Applying castor oil to the navel whilst fasting

QUESTION: Will applying castor oil to the navel while fasting nullify the fast? ANSWER: If the oil is entered into the navel and penetrates through to the stomach, then the fast will be nullified. Hence, it is best not to enter castor oil in the navel while fasting....

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Making one intention for Qadha and Shawwal fasts

QUESTION: Can you combine Qadha and Shawwal fasts? ANSWER: No, you should only make intention of keeping Qadha fast. ومتى نوى شيئين مختلفين متساويين في الوكادة والفريضة، ولا رجحان لأحدهما على الآخر بطلا، ومتى ترجح أحدهما على الآخر ثبت الراجح كذا في محيط السرخسي. فإذا...

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Kaffarah for intercourse during Ramadaan

QUESTION: A few years back, I was in a Haraam relationship with a non-Muslim girl, We would have intercourse while I was fasting. This happened a few times which I am regretful for what occurred at the time and have changed my ways. May Allah forgive my actions. I...

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Breaking one’s fast after vomiting

Question:- A person after vomiting assumed that his fast was nullified and therefore began eating and drinking. Is Kaffarah necessary? Answer:- In the queried scenario, only Qadha is required. There is no Kaffarah. [Re:- Ahsanul Fataawa Pg.443 Vol.4] ALLAH TA'ALA...

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Niyyat not made for fasting

QUESTION: A woman became Paak before Sehri, however, she was not completely sure because the days were less than her normal cycle. She made sehri but did not make Niyyah because of uncertainty. Later during the day she realized that she was Paak and remained like a...

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