Quraan app for Hifdh students

QUESTION: A Maulana teaches Hifdh at an Islamic school. They are now introducing an app called "The Quraan App" to track the progress of the Hifdh boys. Will it be advisable to use the app, or will it be disrespectful to the Quraan Sharif? ANSWER: We are not fully...

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Wearing jewellery with the name of Allah on it

Question:- 1. Is it permissible to wear jewellery with verses of the Quraan Sharif engraved on it, particularly when it comes to necklaces containing Aayatul Kursi? 2. Is it permissible for one to hang up frames with the 99 names of Allah and Aayaat of the Quraan...

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Tafseer of verses 34 and 35 in Surah Saad

QUESTION: Please provide the Tafseer of Aayaat numbers 34 and 35 of Surah As Sa'ad, pertaining to the test of Hazrat Suleiman Alaihis Salaam, with special mention of the word "Jassad"? ANSWER: Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahib Rahimahullah writes in his Ma’ariful Quraan...

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Stuttering while reciting Quraan Sharif

QUESTION: I tend to stutter and stammer on certain words while reciting Quraan Sharif, and I’d like to correct that. What could I do to correct it? Please advise. ANSWER: Firstly, it should be borne in mind that the condition you are experiencing is from Allah Ta’ala...

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Jews having an independent state

Question:- From my understanding the Quraan Sharif states that the Jews will never have their own state, so will it mean that people who want a 2 state solution or those who say Israel is a state be going against the Quraan? Answer:- The Quraan Sharif states, ضُرِبَتْ...

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