Repairing the Quraan Sharif by a non-Muslim

QUESTION: Is it permissible to allow a non-Muslim book-binder to repair a damaged Mushaf, especially if there are no Muslim book-binders in one's locality? ANSWER: Under normal circumstances, it will not be permissible to give the Quraan Majeed to a non-Muslim for...

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Reciting with Tajweed in Salaah

QUESTION: What are some examples of Tajweed mistakes that can invalidate Salaah from the common/short Surahs that are read in Salaah? ANSWER: The Kitaabs of Fiqh state that committing a mistake or error which distorts the meaning of the Aayah completely, will nullify...

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Reciting Tasmiyah before Surah Taubah

QUESTION: Please explain the ruling of reciting Tasmiyah before Surah Taubah? ANSWER: If a person is commencing his recitation of the Quraan Sharif from Surah Taubah, then in keeping with the Masoon method of commencing Tilaawat, one should recite both Ta’awwuz and...

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Quraan Sharif competitions

QUESTION: Would it be permissible to participate in the Quraan competitions currently being held around the country, and around the world? ANSWER: Recitation of the Quraan Sharif is not for competitions. These competitions were never held in the history of Islam. They...

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Reciting Tasmiyah before reading a Surah

QUESTION: What is the ruling on reciting Bismillah before a Surah ? ANSWER: It is better to recite Tasmiyah (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem) after Surah Fatiha, before commencing a Surah. This is the view of Imaam Muhammad Rahimahullah and the view of Imaam Abu Hanifa...

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Students repeating a verse of Sajdah in class

QUESTION: In a classroom where revision of Surahs takes place and the students repeatedly recite an Ayah of Sajdah, what is the correct method of doing so? Should they recite the Ayah softly, or will they have to make the number of Sajdahs equivalent to the number of...

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Teaching students to recite with Tajweed

QUESTION:- I teach Quraan with Tajweed to two Sudanese students. We have come across some differences in the rules, for example, where we make a compulsory waqf, they would continue reciting, as well as the pronunciation of letters like "Ghain". Should I emphasize on...

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