Distributing Sadaqah to employees

QUESTION: Is it permissible to give Sadaqah money to those who work at petrol pumps and help to fill petrol, wash the car windows, check oil, water, and tyre pressure? What Niyyah should one have? I also want to give Sadaqah to the Muazzin from Malawi. Do we need to...

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Street beggars

QUESTION: With Allah swt's blessing I have been put in a financial position to give Sadaqah/Lillah regularly. Usually on a Friday when I arrive at the Masjid for Jumuah, there are queues of needy, elderly men and women at the the entrance of the Masjid. Most times,...

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Recipients of Sadaqah

QUESTION: Can Sadaqah be given to non-Muslims as well, or is it only allowed to be discharged to Muslims? ANSWER: Nafl Sadaqah can be given to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Waajib Sadaqah can only be given to poor Muslims who are eligible to receive Zakaat. Zakaat,...

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Masjid Jamaat membership

Question:- Jamaat Contributions. Contributions are expected from all members including students, for which an updated scale of contributions are as follows: Minimum Contributions are set at R 150.00 per month, an intermediary scale for small business owners is set at...

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Contributing towards the SPCA

Question:- Is it permissible to donate to animal organizations such as the SPCA? If yes, will it be regarded as Lillah? Answer:- It is recorded in the Hadith that a man was walking on the roadside when he suddenly felt very thirsty. He saw a well and lowered himself...

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Ladies raising funds for the Masjid

Question:- Some Masaajid opt to organize a "ladies only" Masjid fundraiser. They use this opportunity to put up stalls in the parking-lot of the Masjid where only ladies are allowed to attend. Each vendor will contribute to the Masjid. Answer:- The Quraan Sharif...

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Accepting a sponsor from a non-Muslim

Question:-  Can a Muslim accept charity from a non-Muslim like grocery items which is certified Halaal and clothing. If not, then what should the Muslim do with these items, if they were left at her door whilst she was away and she knows it's charity from a Hindu?...

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