Purchasing gold as an investment

QUESTION: A brother in Singapore wants to purchase gold as a stable investment. Due to the difficulty of storing such a valuable commodity, the seller offers the option to purchase the gold, while the seller still retains physical possession of the gold. The buyer...

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Kruger coin investment

QUESTION: Is the following investment Shariah compliant? ANSWER: In the queried scenario, the one ounce Kruger coin, which weighs approximately 33 grams of gold, is split into one hundred portions and sold at R394.35 per gram. The...

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Father investing his child’s money

QUESTION:- My 3 year-old daughter has accumulated some savings. Is it permissible for me to invest her money in gold? ANSWER:- From the outset, it should be borne in mind that having children is a great bounty of Allah Ta’ala, and a trust from Him. Hence, one should...

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Investing on the JSE

Question:- Please let me know your view on the permissibility of investing in shares of companies on the JSE? I understand there is a difference of opinion, so I would like Mufti Saheb’s view. Are there any permissible investments in South Africa that Mufti Saheb is...

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Halaal investment opportunities

Question:- Could you be kind enough to enlighten us on some Halaal investment opportunities ? Answer:- Our Darul Ifta hasn’t approved of any investments, nor are we aware of any Halaal investment opportunities. However, gold has been a good investment in the past, but...

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Takaful Investment

Question:- I have recently been informed that there is a Shariah-compliant, Takaful investment opportunity in the name of, "Al-Mabroor Cattle Farming". What is Mufti Saheb's advices on this, and is it permissible to invest one's money with institutions such as this...

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Investment in New Zealand

Question:- I'm reaching out today with regard to a financial programme that has been shared around by many people here in New Zealand. There have been a few workshops and it has been advertised in a way to buy your first house without paying Riba. The manner in which...

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Genesis mining

Question:- I found a way of making money online. It is called 'Genesis Mining.' The transactions are processed by computer servers. Based on the amount I invest, I receive a percentage of the money generated. Will the money that I make out of this be considered as...

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