Request the pious to make Dua on one’s behalf

Question:- I want to know about people who go to the graves of pious people and don’t necessarily pray to these graves, but they request these pious people to make Dua on their behalf. They believe that the pious, due to enjoying close proximity to Allah, their Duas...

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Accepting LGBTQ+ as permissible in Shariah

Question:- What is the Shar’ī ruling on a person who said the following? Question: Do you believe that gay sex is a sin? Answer: No. If I can just be clear about that. I’ve been asked that question about 25 times, and I’ve answered it in the same way, 25 times. So I...

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Having a Yaseen Sharif Khatm for the deceased

Question:- A person passed away. Can we have a Yaseen Khatm and Dua for him in the Masjid? Can we have a Yaseen Khatm and Dua for him at his residence or at anyone else's residence? Answer:- It is totally permissible for one to recite Quraan Sharif, perform Nafl...

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Feeding family on the first Sunday after a funeral

Question:- When there is a funeral in our family, on the first Sunday thereafter, a family will order and pay for the food. They will invite all the family members to partake of the food at the deceased person's home. A minimum of 60 people will be invited. Is this...

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Bringing sea water for the domestic worker

Question:- When we go to Durban, we bring the ocean water for our Christian maid who is now Alhamdulillah, a Muslimah. However, I am concerned of our Imaan. I don't know what they use it for, but most probably for bathing or something of that sort. What should I do?...

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Pokémon cards

Question:- Is it permissible to buy, play, and sell Pokémon cards? Answer:- Besides Pokémon being a game of violence, it also consists of Shirk. Amongst the Pokémon characters, the most powerful is "Arceus". It is recorded on the internet that, Arceus is, without a...

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Removing Nazar with chillies

Question:- There are Muslim ladies in particular who move salt or dry red chillies around a child or adult saying that they are removing the effects of the evil eye. I don't know whether this is something that Muslims should be doing or not, but I would like to know...

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