Statements & Utterances

“Jumuah Mubarak” messages

QUESTION: Is it permissible to say "Jumuah Mubarak" or is it a Bid'ah? How should one respond to such messages? ANSWER: The greeting of ‘Jumuah Mubarak’ is not proven from the Quraan Majid or the Ahadith of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Since there is no proof...

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Making a mockery of matters of Deen

Question:- Amongst the many things we learnt growing up, was that making a mockery of the Deen results in Kufr. Regarding this a few questions have come to mind: 1. If a person mocks an aspect of the Deen while he is ignorant of the ruling, and does not know that...

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Leaders regarding Haraam as Halaal

Question:- We have seen some ulama in South Africa make Takfīr of the leaders in some Muslim countries (namely due to ruling by other than what Allāh revealed and making the Harām into Halāl e.g. music/alcohol etc. amongst other things). Please can you clarify if...

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Utterances of an insane person

Question:- Will a person be responsible for any words or actions uttered in the state of a trance, or, when not being in the right frame of mind due to being affected by Sihr, Jinn or Jadu? Will one fall out of the fold of Islam for uttering words of Kufr or Nifaaq in...

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